Three Great Exercises to Strengthen Weak Knees

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At some point in life, you could have weak knees. This does not necessarily mean that the joints are weak, but the muscles around the knees can certainly be weak. The correct function of your knees t>ogether with its health is dependent upon a number of factors such as muscle strength, muscle flexibility, joint mobility, and gait pattern. You will be susceptible to pain and injury once any of these factors is jeopardized.

If the muscles that support the knees are weak consequently more stress the knee gets and it will be taken to its ligaments. At the same time, in the event that the major muscles that act on the knee are not flexible, the strain on the knee joint, tendons and muscles will amplify. Added to that, the loss of mobility in the hips and ankles will likewise increase the strain on the knee and worsen all of the issues listed above.

Loads of men and women develop weaknesses and imbalances that cause faulty gait pattern simply because of a number of factors which include a sedentary lifestyle and former injuries. The knee is generally the joint which takes most of the resulting load and results in being susceptible to pain and injury consequently, especially in exhausting physical activity. Understand that medical care is always the first option for you, so please seek medical advice first

Below are three exercises that could help strengthen your weak knees:

1) The first exercise consists of one-legged lifts sitting upright against a wall. All you have to do is sit on a wall with both legs in front of you. Bend your left knee to protect your lower back, pull the right thigh muscles (quadriceps) together and lift the entire right leg about 15 to 15 cm off the ground. It’s hard? It could be. If this is the case, you may have a weakness in your quadriceps muscles. You can only do 5 repetitions for the first time. Do not use your hands to lean or lean your back to do this. You should be able to lift the stretched leg several times easily. Move your legs and bend your right knee and lift your left leg about 15 cm from the floor 12-15 times. This exercise is more difficult than it looks. It is amazing.

2) The second exercise, which is beneficial, is an unloaded adductor exercise. Put your back on the floor or something stronger than a bed. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor surface. Using a small ball (4 inches in diameter) or bath towel wrapped tightly, press the ball for 10-15 seconds at a time. If you have someone who can help you, you can easily modify this exercise. Have someone put pressure on the inside of your bent knee. Apply pressure to one knee at a time. This application forces the VMO or vastus medialis obliquus muscle to work. These muscles often become weak and do not support the knee or they rotate externally and cause several problems, including hip or back pain.

3) Another way to activate the VMO muscle is to get up and have someone put on the upper inside of a knee. If you bend your knees slightly, push the band “in” towards the midline of the body, while the person helping you will “pull out” your knee or pull away from the midline of the body. All of this causes this muscle to function when it has “slept” in all reality.

Be Careful of Overuse

Our quadriceps muscles are the largest group of muscles we have and often neglect, and then we compensate them and they continue to weaken. These exercises start with exercises. When these become easy, there are many other exercises that can help you too.

Without any doubt, the human body is designed to move and having regular exercise can help keep us health. On the other hand, exercise and movement must be balanced with sufficient rest and recovery time. A strenuous exercise can wear down the body and raise the need for repair and recovery time. Enough recovery time is required to prevent the body to break down and prevent it from becoming vulnerable to pain and injury. This case applies to men and women who exercise exceedingly to lose weight and athletes.


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