Start Getting Rid of Belly Fat Today!

Start Getting Rid of Belly Fat Today!

Guest post by Jackie Omotalade

belly fat muffin top

Wrong on so many levels

So you say you want to get rid of your belly fat…

But do you REALLY REALLY want to get rid of belly fat?

…You are not Alone!

1. Stand up straight. Good posture keeps your spine aligned properly, which helps protect your back among other things. You will also look better with good posture, and when you are standing straight you naturally tend to feel more confident.Confidence is beautiful!

2. Work your whole body. Spot training is myth. You cannot just work out your abs and expect to get a six pack. You must work your whole body in order to maximize your overall caloric burn.

Pick Workouts That You Will Enjoy!

3. Diet. If you DO NOT alter your diet you will NEVER see a six-pack on your body. 80% of the work required to get fit abs is what you put in your body. If you put crap into your body, your body will response by looking and feeling like crap.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Lean Protein Help Build Strong Fit Abs

4. Set realistic goals. You are not going to lose 25lbs in a month and keep it off unless perhaps you are a contestant on the biggest loser. Realistically most people lose 1-2lbs per week.

5. Practice patience. The road to a fit body and fabulous abs is paved with sweat, tears, and pain. It does not happen in a day or even several days. It happens workout after workout, month after month. The magically formula is time and consistency.

Jackie Omotalade is the First Lady of Fitness, Fashion, and Fun. She is a Independent Beachbody Coach, Pittsburgh life coach and personal trainer. Her website is

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10 Responses to “Start Getting Rid of Belly Fat Today!”

  1. Greg says:

    Great tips. I particularly like the part about diet; not dieting, but simply what you consume. It’s so true…

  2. Todd says:

    @Greg, I love that part too.

  3. 10in30 says:

    TRUE! people that say they can’t lose weight are not really counting how much they’re consuming per day. Some think they’re eating very little, but it could be relative to how they used to eat. So they’ve cut down thinking they’re starving themselves, but if they really count the calories, they might be up in the mid 2k’s!

    Also, if you’re working out regularly, you’ll get hungrier, so watch out! Be sure you aren’t eating more calories than you’re burning, (unless you’re trying to go up in weight) < — which you can.

    I've gone up 10 lbs in around 30 days a few times.

  4. Rick Kaselj says:


    Posture is huge.

    It affects injuries, pain, performance, energy and so much more.

    Never thought about it when it comes to belly fat but it makes sense.

    Rick Kaselj of


  5. Hey Jackie and Todd,

    What you say is about diet is spot on! For me it’s the most difficult piece of the puzzle!

    The one area I’m REALLY bad at is posture. Sitting hunched over at a computer all day sure doesn’t help. I’m considering opting for a standing work station instead. Burn baby, burn! :)


  6. Todd says:

    @10in30, Sadly, that’s very true. Too often people don’t realize how many calories that they are taking in each day. Tracking everything is the only way to know.

    @Rick, It’s amazing how something as simple as posture can have such an effect on other aspects of our health.

    @Matt, I agree, diet is the largest piece of the fitness puzzle.

  7. That’s my trouble spot. I hate my tummy. I think it’s the beer. I’ve actually stopped drinking (shock, I know). I’ve started drinking Pink Lemonade (sugar, I know) because it reminds me of vodka.

  8. Muscle weighs more than fat too, so don’t be surprised if you’re losing more fat than you are weight. My $.02

  9. Todd says:

    @Julie, I think that’s the trouble spot for most women, especially after they have a kid or two. Keep working on it, and you’ll get there. Good job on the beer. I’ve pretty much stopped drinking beer, but have a glass of wine about once a night.

    @Steve, good point about the muscle vs. fat.

  10. Larry says:

    I don’t need a six pack. Just seeing a few abs is an accomplishment sometimes. After finishing P90X I was starting to see some progress in the mid-region but it wasn’t great. Then I tried Insanity and following the eating program to a ‘T’. 5-6 small meals a day. Simple stuff. It worked really well.

    The 5 tips above are spot on. It’s not rocket science or magic. Eat right. Workout. And persist.

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