Real Life Fitness – Give Us Input

I recently touched on something new — Real Life Fitness. We want to hear your opinions on the subject. In order to bring you what you need, we need to hear your thoughts.

  • When you hear “Real Life Fitness”, what do you think of?
  • Would “Real Life Fitness”  use bodyweight/inexpensive equipment, or more of what you might find in a commercial gym?
  • How does what you eat affect “Real Life Fitness”?

“Real Life Fitness” would certainly consist of free blog posts. We would also put together some premium “pay to use” products/services as well.

There are a ton of fitness information products available. They pretty much consist of the same thing: ebooks, reports, worksheets, etc.

Is there something that you would like to see in a premium service? An example would be a forum to converse with us, and other users.

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4 Responses to “Real Life Fitness – Give Us Input”

  1. Todd says:

    Wow, posting this on a Saturday didn’t garner much attention. LOL Come on, my peeps, give us your input.

  2. Dude. So I stopped drinking to cut calories but what I should have done was either switch to diet coke or gone straight to water because i gained four pounds. Someone pointed out that one of those cokes I was drinking equaled three of the light beers. I’ve decided to cut all sugary drinks out and I’m curious to see how fast I start shedding pounds.

  3. Traffic really wanes on weekends. Mondays are best! In terms of this brand you’re putting together. I like Real Life Fitness… it’s not a reality show though? :) It sounds kind of like a brand you’d find in the gym. Love the idea of ebooks, etc. for premium. Go go go Todd!

  4. Todd says:

    @Julie, ya that stuff is loaded with sugar. I think I read you’re looking at around 30 teaspoons of sugar for a can. Yikes!

    @Suzanne, No reality show… don’t like those. :) Seriously, this is going to be a branding with various products for all.

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