Are you ready to win a Super Bowl?

Photo: Drspiegel14 CC-By-2.0

Photo: Drspiegel14 CC-By-2.0

It’s all in the game

It was one week before school started. We all gathered on the lush green field. The chalk was freshly laid down. It was going to be a hot day. The sites, the sound–I was soaking it all in.

I was a slightly overweight sophomore. To make matters more interesting, I was also the new kid, having just moved because I was a Navy brat. I had been dreaming of this day since I was nine when I saw my best friend‘s brother play. This was the first day of high school football.

I knew the game pretty well (or so I thought). Was I in for a shock! At the tender age of 15, and having never played organized football, I was about to learn the game intimately. This first week of practice was the introduction.

We called it Hell Week. For the Juniors and Seniors, they knew what to expect. For us the rest of us, even the ones that had played in Pop Warner or in Junior High, we were in for a rude awakening, starting with two-a-days.

We started early in the morning, at 7 AM. Two hours of running, and being assessed for the various positions. When practice was over, we were able to go home to eat lunch, nap, etc. Then at 2 PM, we reported back to do it all again (hence the name two-a-day).

Two weeks worth of practice in one week. This was a crash course in conditioning, and how to play the game as a team.

The make up of a winning team
Any team in a given sport consists of the same number of players. One team uses the exact same positions as the other teams. From coaches to players, the layout is the same.

The difference between a first place and last place is the right combination of the people in each position. No team is going to win the Super Bowl without good players, and everybody doing their job to the highest level. For that matter, they don’t even have to be the best players. They just have to be the best as a team.

Who’s on your team?

I present to you the positions of your team. Do you have the right players to win the big game?

A football team is made up of a variety of professionals, each with a specific skill set. Your team is no different.

The head coach There’s one person in charge. Nothing happens without their input. The buck starts, and stops with them. When the team wins, they’re a genius. When the team loses, they are held responsible. You are in charge. Your success lies solely in your hands. Don’t forget that.

The quarterback The QB gives direction to the rest of the team. The players huddle around him, and look to him for leadership. The QB on your team is your doctor. A general practitioner, family doctor. They assure that your body is healthy. They will lead the rest of your players on the field.

The offensive line The game is won in the trenches. They’re the unsung heroes, but without a good offensive line, you’re not making forward progress. Your offensive line is a registered dietician or nutritionist. Their responsibility is to teach you what to eat, when to eat, what to look for, and what to avoid.

Running back/Receiver Like the quarterback, these are the high profile players. The ones that get the glory. That would be your personal trainer. The trainer provides a valuable service, teaching you how to exercise. They guide you with an exercise program, showing you proper form, and providing motivation.

The kicker It’s surprising how many games are won by the kicker. Sometimes they are the only ones putting points on the board. Valuable, and often underutilized, the massage therapist helps you loosen your muscles. They relieve stress, and relax you. Deep muscle massage offers the benefit of helping your body recover after hardcore workouts.

Now, look over your draft picks. Be wise in selcting your team. Ask yourself, are you ready to win a Super Bowl?

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4 Responses to “Are you ready to win a Super Bowl?”

  1. Tim says:

    Ah yes, hell week. I remember those days fondly, but hated it at the time.

    You’re right about building a team to help go to the next level. I never really thought about the massage therapist. That’s genius!

  2. Anne says:

    I love the tie in with the football positions.

    Go Saints! :)

  3. Well thought out and presented with excellence. You brought back great memories for me. Looking back those were some of the very best times of my life, even while we went through the two a days in the hot August heat.

    I was watching a show last week on the Yankee network and they had many great players and coaches from football. Some winners Joe Montana and some who never won the Super Bowl Dan Marino.

    Both top elite QB’s, one can even argue Marino was the better of the two. But your exactly right, in order to win you need to build a team. As players get older they learn that lesson and winning becomes even more important to them , then any personal goals.

    Of course there are always exceptions to that, like TO :-)

    Again great post Todd and while I am not vested in any team for Sunday, I would like to see the Saints be the victors. I think Brees deserves it.

  4. Todd says:

    Thank you for the kind words, Glenn. I appreciate it.

    I’m pulling for NO also, but like the Colts as well, so I really don’t care who wins. Just Hope for a good game.

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