Power Friday – Week 15

Better late than never. I had a major case of the lazies this last weekend. Somehow I managed to not write a single post all weekend. We’ll blame it on Father’s day. :) So here’s my Power Friday report on Monday.


Friday (6/11) turned out to be a bust. I gave blood the Sunday before (5/30). Word of warning–don’t move your arm giving blood. Somehow I rolled my arm a tad, and the needle moved. It wasn’t painful. Then my friendly nurse tried adjusting it and the needle poked through the other side of the vain. The bruise was H-U-G-E.

It didn’t hurt, so Monday (5/31) was a good workout, as I pointed out in the last report. Then on Friday (6/4) while at work, I lifted something over my head. That’s when I felt a pull in my arm–right between the left bicep and joint. Straightening my arm was uncomfortable, so doing 265 lbs. deadlifts didn’t sound appealing.

On Monday (6/14) my lower back was bothering me. It doesn’t feel training related. Loading up the bar for squats was not high on my list of things to do. The plan shifted to the next day. Our nutritionist had other ideas. She wanted to reschedule our Wednesday (6/16) appointment to Tuesday. That meant no exercise on Tuesday at all. Doh!

I managed to squeeze in all of my sessions between Wednesday (6/16) and Friday (6/18). On Saturday (6/19) we took my car, a Pontiac G6, to a “somewhat” flat parking lot, and took turns pushing it for what was probably 100′.


With my first competition three weeks out, my confidence is waning. There is another meet on August 7th in Houston. Since I have not registered yet for the one on July 10th, I am seriously considering doing the one in August instead.

On the other hand
I’ve had a blaast training for my first competition. I’ve been doing so since March. A change of pace would be welcomed. My next workout/challenge is all planned. I’m getting anxious to get it going (and to review it here for you).

With that said, I really want to get this meet behind me in order to move on to other things. Postponing the competition doesn’t sit well for this reason.


I’ve purchased my singlet, and recently picked up some shoes (Chuck D. knock-offs). I found my wrist wraps. They are seriously worn.

My belt doesn’t meet the requirements. It can’t be wider than 10cm (about 4″). Mine is closer to 6″. With that news, I will need to pick up a new belt, as well as knee wraps.

I’ll pick up the wraps from Monster Muscle (that’s an affiliate link). The belt I will probably grab from Dick’s.

Power Friday – Week 14

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  1. One of these days we’re going to have to meet.

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