It’s The Great Pumpkin!

Have you come to sing pumpkin carols? ~ Linus

punkins aren't just for chunkin

Photo: Teo CC-By-2.0

Today I was looking around at some of my favorite blogs. Melinda’s Fitness Blog posted a great write up about pumpkins. And, Kris O’Connor did one on stuffed squash that made my mouth water.

Being inspired, here’s our take on the orange ghoulish gourd.

American colonists would slice off the tops of the pumpkins, and gut them. The gourd would then be filled with milk, spices, and honey. It would then be cooked on hot ash. This is the origin of the modern day pumpkin pie. To be honest, that sounds way better than the goo out of the can. Blech!

How about this for a fun fact? In 2008, a team named “Young Glory III” shot a pumpkin out of an air cannon 4483.51 feet. Yeah, that’s just under 800 feet short of one mile. That’s some serious punkin’ chunkin’ right there!

Nutritional Data
One serving of boiled & drained pumpkin with no salt contains 49 calories, 0g fat, 12g carbs, and 2g protein.

The vitamin A is crazy, at 245% Recommended Daily Value (RDV), while the vitamin C is 19%, and iron is 8%.

Pumpkin is a good source of vitamin E, and magnesium, and dietary fiber.


Here’s the deal–I’ve never made pumpkin soup. I’ve eaten it. I like it. I’ve never made it.

Lucky for you, Nicole over at Pinch My Salt has a recipe that we will be making very shortly. So, instead of my writing up a recipe this month, I invite you to go over and check Spicy Pumpkin Soup w/ Cilantro Pepita Pesto.

Linus: Have you come to sing pumpkin carols?

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6 Responses to “It’s The Great Pumpkin!”

  1. Todd – I’m blushing! Thank you so much for the kind mention! Seriously, fall ingredients are so, uh, tasty and it’s been fun. I’ve never actually cooked with a squash (aside from a can – SCANDALOUS!) so I will give this a try! Thanks again!

  2. OOPS – edit that… never cooked with a pumpkin… Of course I’ve cooked with a squash – an acorn squash- oh so delish!

  3. Tim says:

    I have to admit; I like pumpkin pie, even when it’s made with the “canned goo”. I look forward to Thanksgiving for that very reason. I like the other stuff too, but like eggnog, it’s the only time of year that I get it.

  4. Anne says:

    I’m not a pumpkin pie fan, but LOVE pumpkin bread. Is it just me, or are a large majority of pumpkin recipes involving sweets?

  5. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Todd Boyer and Todd Boyer, Kris M O'Connor. Kris M O'Connor said: RT @PhitZone It’s The Great Pumpkin! >> Loving the Fall Ingredients – MMMMM [...]

  6. Todd says:

    @Kris, You’re very welcome. I’ve become a fan of your blog, so linking to you was a no-brainer.

    @Tim, Oh, don’t even get me started on the eggnog. That is one of my biggest weaknesses. :)

    @Anne, I did notice that when I was looking for a recipe for this post. I would imagine that any squash recipes would interchange with pumpkin… but don’t hold me to that statement. haha

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