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Vol. 1, No. 11                        June, 2009

Todd Boyer, Editor    
Rebecca Boyer, Editor

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-This Just In
-A Few Moments With: Toni Filipone
-Gym Bag: Sleep
-Product Report: iTrain
-On the Plate: Spinach



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If you happen to have an Apple iPhone, you have
got to check out some of the cool fitness
applications (apps) that are available.

The calorie tracker helps you to,
well, track your daily calories.

Body Book is an exercise and fitness tracker

SparkPeople lets you create your own diet and
exercise plan.

RunKeeper Free is a GPS app that lets you track
your running progress.

These are only a couple examples. There are
literally thousands of apps, and a good number of
these are health and fitness related.


Train like a champion
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According to, a study conducted at
the Integrative Cardiac Health Project at Walter
Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC found
that regular daily exercise does not increase
total sleep time.




A Few Moments With:
Toni Filipone

This month we visit with Toni Filipone. She is a
Certified Personal Trainer, owner of, and creator of 3 Minute


ITZ: What is this about your path to becoming a
trainer starting with a Christmas present?

TF: It’s true. My sisters were very overweight as
children and I was able to understand at a young
age how weight gain not just effects your physical
health, but your emotional health as well. It
hurts your self esteem etc. I was WAY into
professional wrestling at the time (Hulk Hogan
Era) and I begged “Santa” for a Hulk-a-Mania
workout set to train my sisters with. He delivered
and my passion started at age 8!

ITZ: Aside from the Hulkster, how did you get
started in personal training?

TF: I actually started as a group fitness
instructor. I so badly wanted to be in a gym, that
at age 15 I started as the towel girl (That’s
right) at a local Bally’s. From there, I started
teaching classes and by senior year of high
school, I was teaching and had become a certified
trainer and I trained at a local gym on weekends.
I found that I liked customizing plans because
everyone’s body had different needs. I still loved
teaching group fitness – but new individual needs
needed to be one on one designed.

ITZ: How did you come up with idea of your
training program, 3 Minute Crush®?

TF: There’s got to be a better way! That was the
question that rang through my head 3 years ago
while I was on my 3rd mile running on the
treadmill. I thought to myself, there is no way
that I have to keep myself and my clients on a
cardio machine for 30-40 minutes 5 days a week and
then a full hour of weight training to get weight
loss results. It takes too long and the risk of a
plateau is just too high.

I then started experimenting with different
variations and methods to training styles and
techniques. After years of hard research on heart
rate levels, metabolism shifts, muscular
development and so on, I created my own style of
training that not only transformed my own body,
but all of my clients’ bodies as well.

3 minute crush incorporates cardiovascular
training, strength training and core training in
3 minute circuits with a total of 10 circuits per
workout. Yes, the workout takes a total of 30
minutes. So for 2 to 3 half hours a week, you can
receive the same results as training 5 days a week
for 60-90 minutes.

People do not have the time to be at the gym 6
days a week for 2 hours. It is just not realistic
in anyway. I developed a fun, fast moving and
result producing fitness system that has a proven
track record of 100% that clients are raving

I have designed this program for all fitness
levels; from the absolute beginner to the elite
athlete. It can be done in a Health Club or in
your own home, office or even when you travel. All
you need is a set of weights and your own body

To reach people all over the world, I developed an
online training program that comes equip with your
3 minute crush workout that accelerates in levels
every 12 weeks to avoid a plateau and helps your
body continue to lean out and get strong. You will
have access to a “members only” message board to
communicate with other “crushers” for constant
support and guidance. And finally, you have access
to fitness tips and to communicate with me

ITZ: What is 3 Minute Crush®?

TF: The 3 minute Crush is a series of ten
circuits, each 3 minutes long. Within those 3
minutes, you will target specific muscle groups
for definition and muscular endurance, enhance cardiovascular conditioning for a strong heart and
essential fat burn for intense weight loss, and
finally, you will focus 1 solid minute on
deliberate core strengthening exercises for trunk
strength and solid abs. It’s easy to follow, fun
to execute and allows for fast results.

ITZ: You train clients in person, including boot
camps, as well as online. What is next, a workout
video perhaps?

TF: Actually I am filming DVDs in August and I am
possibly going to be on Exercise TV.

ITZ: Who are your biggest influences?

TF: I have a ton of people that influence me. My
mother, Gin Miller, ALL of my clients and friends.
And everyone that reaches for their dreams and
overcomes all of their obstacles.

ITZ: What advice should everyone follow?

TF: My advice is just start moving and STOP
thinking you can’t. Stop with excuses and be true
to yourself and let that person who you really are
shine. We all have it in us.

ITZ: What do you do to relax?

TF: Watch really bad reality shows.

ITZ: Favorite book/movie?

TF: Book- Return to Love
Movie- Along Came Polly or Power of One. Can’t

Toni, thank you so much for spending some time
with us.

Be sure to visit and sign up
for your personalized 12-week 3 Minute Crush®
program. You can also follow Toni on Twitter at

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By: T. Boyer

It is pretty well known that proper nutrition and
exercise are two components of health and fitness.
There is a third, often overlooked, piece of the
puzzle though; Sleep.

What is so important about sleep? First of all it
is paramount for the brain to repair from a hard
day’s work. What we are concerned with in this
article though is that this time is also when
muscles recover after an intense training session.
It is during intense Rapid Eye Movement (REM)
sleep that Human Growth Hormone (aka HGH) is
released for the body to use as a tool for
repairing and building muscle. Protein synthesis
occurs at this time as well, assuming that food
containing protein is consumed during meals.

The amount of sleep that is needed is really up to
your body, but according to,
approximately eight hours are adequate to get the
job done. Some factors that go into how much sleep
you need include genetics and sleep quality.

So remember, eat clean, exercise and do not
neglect getting a good night’s sleep. Your body is
counting on it.




By: T. Boyer

Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) are awesome. I
always recommend to get with a good trainer once
or twice per year. They are great resources for
those that are new to the world of fitness, and a
good reset for those who have been training for

One of the things that I love about good CPT’s is
that they serve as motivators.  But at $20 per
hour or more, you can see it can get a little
expensive for this motivation. This is where
iTRAIN comes in.

iTRAIN was founded by fitness expert, Grace
Lazenby, and an entertainment executive, Sebastien
Reant. “MP3 players are everywhere and it seemed
natural to apply this technology to a fitness
product,” says Lazenby on their website.

The idea is pretty simple: produce workout
programs recorded to an MP3 format, and sell them
online. The consumer buys and downloads sessions
to their computer, puts them on their favorite
player, and trains right along.

Using some of the best trainers in the business,
iTRAIN’s programs fit all skill levels, from
beginner, intermediate and advanced. The lengths
of the sessions vary 30 to 60 minutes. You will
find programs for the treadmill, bike, elliptical,
and rowing machine, as well as yoga, palliates,
strength training, boxing and more. The music
helps you keep a rhythm to work to. The trainers
are all top notch, keeping you motivated and
pushing yourself.

These programs are no joke. I have one of the bike
and treadmill courses, as well as one of the
strength training sessions. All three of these
were serious workouts that had me completely
wiped out.

The price of these files are fantastic, about $10
each. When you compare that to what it would cost
to hire a trainer for one session, it is a
screaming deal. Plus, when you download a workout,
it is yours, so you can workout to it time and
time again. Try that with your trainer sometime.

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While it may not be a Bluto clobbering super food,
spinach is, however, chocked full of antioxidants
and dietary fiber. It is also a wonderful source
of niacin, zinc, vitamins A, C, E, K, B6,
thiamine, riboflavin, and quite a few more.

Spinach contains a higher level of iron than most
of it’s vegetable relatives. The problem is the
type of iron that it provides is not easily
absorbed by the body. Animal proteins are much
better for this purpose.

When preparing spinach, be sure to wash it
thoroughly or it will have an unpleasant dirt
flavor. In order to retain as much of the
nutritional value as possible, serve it raw, or
steamed. It can also be boiled quickly. As with
most foods, if you can find it organically grown,
it is well worth any added expense.

Grilled Spinach Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
Serving: 4

I found this little hors d’oeuvre on the ‘net
somewhere, but have modified it to make it “my
own”. Give it a try, and tweak as you see fit.

8 small portabella mushrooms
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup chopped spinach
5 oz. of cream cheese
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 clove minced garlic

Clean the mushrooms and remove gills. Coat
mushrooms with olive oil.

Sauté the garlic in a small pan. Assemble the
filling by mixing the cheese, spinach and garlic.
Season to taste with salt and pepper. Stuff the
mushrooms with the filling.

Use indirect heat to cook the mushrooms. Cook
until the meat of the mushrooms are seared. This
will take roughly 20 minutes. Serve immediately.

Calories: 190.5
Fat: 19.2g
Saturated Fat – 8.7g
Polyunsaturated Fat – 1.0g
Monounsaturated Fat – 8.5g
Carbohydrate: 2.3g
Protein: 3.3g

Nutritional values calculated at




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