2009 Mr. Olympia; Day 2

Wow, what a contest. The finals today brought about some expected results, and some big surprises.

202 lbs. Class

Kevin English wins 202 lbs. class, but he looked very smooth compared to David Henry, and the rest of the top five for that matter. Kevin is much more muscular, but I did not have him placed that high.

My favorite, Mark Dugdale, was placed 4th, but I thought that he should have been placed in 2nd.

Open Class

The top six is without a doubt the the deepest group that I’ve ever seen at a Mr. O. Kai Greene looked a tad flatter, but he looks to be up there size-wise with Jay Cutler. Kai put on a pretty cool posing routine, as did Melvin Anthony.

Phil Heath looks absolutely amazing tonight, but apparently he was sick earlier this week, so his conditioning yesterday was a bit off. And the reigning Mr. O, Dexter Jackson looks incredible, as does Jay Cutler.

The placing went like this:

6 Victor Martinez
5 Phil Heath
4 Kai Greene
3 Dexter Jackson – SHOCK!!!
2 Branch Warren
1 Jay Cutler

4th – 6th place were not a total shock to me. With that said, 1st through 3rd floored me. Dexter Jackson went from the reigning champ to number 3. I think that everyone expected Jay to win this year.

As happy as I am for Jay, in my humble opinion, the man of the weekend has to be Branch Warren. Here is a guy that was just hoping to make it into the top ten. He was the first competitor to hit the stage both, setting the pace for the rest. Now, here he is, the runner up to Jay. Absolutely incredible!


I missed almost all of the figure models, but I did catch the awards ceremony.

The top three, in order were Nicole Wilkins Lee, Gina Aliotti, and Heather Mae French. The ladies all looked great. For the ladies, this is by far my favorite class, closely followed by Fitness.

Congrats to all of the competitors in the 2009 Olympia weekend!

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