2009 Mr. Olympia; Day 1

I just wanted to do a quick note about my thoughts on the first day of the 2009 Mr. Olympia show.

It was pretty clear who the top three are by the call outs. The real battle seemed to be between the reigning champ, Dexter Jackson, and two time Mr. O, Jay Cutler.

In my honest opinion, I have Phil Heath in 3rd, and the dark horse, Branch Warren taking 4th.

Kai Greene looked better as the night went along, but I have him in 6th behind Tony Freeman.

The shocker of the night was Dennis Wolf. He was expected to be a top five contender, but he came in way off, and won’t even make the top ten. As mentioned, Branch Warren came in looking better than ever, and Dennis “Big Bad” Wolf left the door to the top 5 open for Branch.

Let us not forget the ladies. The Ms. Olympia, as well as Ms. Fitness Olympia also took place.

Adela Garcia took top honers in Fitness, and Tanji Johonson placed a very respectable 2nd. I was routing for Tanji, but I could just be biased because she’s a Seattle girl.

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest womens bodybuilding supporter. I think that they have taken it to far to the extreme. In many cases, they do not represent a woman’s body. With that said, on the womens bodybuilding side, Iris Kyle is now a four-time champ. My favorite of the night was Lisa Aukland, who placed 4th.

Saturday brings the final judging, as well as my personal favorite, the 202 class.

Stay tuned…

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