10 Of the Hottest Things To Wear At The Gym

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Here’s ten hot items to wear while you train

You’ve got to look good when you’re busting tail in the gym. That’s just a given. Look the part–feel the part. Think of it as Dress for Success. Here’s PhitZone’s list of 10 fitness must-have clothes for exercising.

#1 PhitZone.com Dark T-Shirt

You just can’t go wrong with a PhitZone shirt. It looks good in any of the available colors, but frankly, it just pops in black.

#2 Bad Boy JJ WC T-Shirt

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the most rapidly growing martial art in the world. Show your love of BJJ with this Bad Boy tee.

#3 Bad Boy Capo II Fight Shorts

Whether you’re a fighter, or just want to look like one, these Bad Boy Capo II fight shorts will show everyone at the gym that you’re a fan of mixed martial arts. These shorts not only look good, but are very comfortable as well.

#4 Men’s Track Pants

Honestly, we practically live in track/warm-up pants. They look good, and are about as comfy as it gets. You can’t go wrong with these track pants.

#5 Gold’s Venice T-shirt

The Gold’s Gym tee is a classic. You’re going to look sharp in this tee.

#6 Fleece Zip Hoodie

The best of two worlds–fleece is super warm to wear when it’s cold outside, and you can never go wrong with a hoodie.

#7 Women’s Gym Rules T-Shirt

This shirt lays it all out–Eat, Sleep, Train. On top of that, this tee looks good outside of the gym as much as it does inside.

#8 Fold-Over Scroll Yoga Pants

Comfort is the rule of the day when it comes to doing yoga. These pants will stretch when you move into those complex yoga poses.

#9 Dolphin Shorts W/Drawstring

There’s no mincing words here, these Dolphin Shorts are H-O-T! Look as good as you feel.

#10 Bodybuilding.com Gothic Beanie

Heat loss through the head while working out in the cold is not a good thing. Cover your bean with this BB.com gothic beanie.

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6 Responses to “10 Of the Hottest Things To Wear At The Gym”

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  2. Greg says:

    I have a buddy who absolutely loves BJJ. He’s in the military, and he’s not very tall. But I can say in all honesty if he gets his hands on you, you’re in a heap of trouble…

  3. Todd says:

    @Greg, BJJ is one of the reasons that I love MMA. When you see a skilled practitioner wrap somebody up and make them submit, it’s a site to see. Of course, there’s more to the game than just grappling, which makes it even more exciting.

  4. Tim says:

    OH BOY! I got my wife some of those shorts, #9. BTW, the link isn’t working right on that one.

  5. Yep. I wear some of those things when I work out and I look really hot.

  6. Todd says:

    You wear the beanie, don’t you? :D

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