Thanks for visiting my contact page.  If you’re not sure what you could possibly say to me, here are some ideas;

  • Todd, I’m having a problem in the gym, what do you recommend?
  • Todd, I’m new to fitness, what do you recommend for learning how to ____ ?
  • Todd, I’d like to make a suggestion for an article…
  • Todd, I’d like to say thank you for your web site. (Flattery is always appreciated)
  • Todd, can I quote one of your articles?
  • Todd, if two trains were traveling towards each other… (if it’s math, you don’t want to ask me)
  • Todd, I’m a personal trainer and I’m having a problem with one of clients…
  • Todd, How do I go about sending you money to compensate for your sheer awesomeness? (Hey, It could happen!)
  • Todd, I’d like to write a guest post for the site…

Normally I’ll respond to emails within 24 hours.  Maybe even sooner. Then again, how could it possibly be sooner than “within 24 hours”. I’d have to respond before you wrote it. Oh well… play along. On the weekends, it may take longer–You know, ’cause I’m out hobnobbing with the wealthy and glamorous… but probably mowing the lawn.

Eagerly awaiting your message,

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