It’s About You

I’m a bottom line kinda guy. So, here it is–PhitZone is not about “US”. It’s all about “YOU”.

First, we are nothing without you. At best, we’d be just taking up space on the web. But when you’re here reading and commenting on our blog, you make it all worth while.

Humble Beginnings

PhitZone started as an idea in December 2007. We wanted a fitness newsletter that would be delivered to our email in-box. Not finding what we were looking for, we decided that we would fill this niche. This spawned a website with a monthly newsletter, “In The Zone”, and eventually the blog that you’re reading today.


My beautiful bride, Becca, is a Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Nutrition Consultant. She’s run some 5K’s, loves to lift weights, and is one of the Godliest people that I know. This isn’t really a bio, but more of a brag on how much I married up!

Becca has close ties to people with special needs. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 12, and most recently with Lupus. These auto-immune diseases wreak havoc on your body, and can require adjusting the way that you train.

If you would like to talk to Becca about how she copes, you can contact her through the Contact page.


Post training pic of Todd

Todd Boyer

My journey in the fitness world began with lifting weights for high school football.

I continued bodybuilding through college, and had a dream of someday owning a gym. After college I started my career as a Design Engineer, got married, and had two children. It’s your typical story–life got in the way of my training.

Fast forward roughly fifteen years; I was overweight and was easily winded tying my shoes. Something had to change. Something needed to change! I dug out an old weight set, we bought a treadmill, and started on our fitness journey.

I am currently in the process of getting my certification as a Personal Trainer. I really don’t have any intention of working as a CPT. If anything else, the credentials as a writer in the fitness industry are nice, and I’m always looking to gain more education.

Your PhitZone crew heading to a Christmas party

Todd & Becca Boyer