What the Dietician’s Should Be Telling You

Prepare food in advance

Peanut Butter and Jelly is a great snack

I love PBJ for snacks

Lisa at A Dietician’s View did a post about after school snacks for children.

One of the points that she makes is that older kids won’t take the time to make healthy snacks, and therefor we should prepare them ahead of time.

Honestly, that’s awesome advice for all of us.

By not only planning, but preparing some of our food in advance, you’ll keep yourself from straying.

For example, I keep my cooler in my desk drawer during the day. In it is all of my food for my work day, including snacks. If somebody brings in doughnuts, I can fall back on my food, rather than the jelly fat-pill in a box.

  • What do you think of Lisa’s idea?
  • Do you prepare your food in advance?
  • What tips do you have that might help somebody else?

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