Top 5 Main Benefits of Using a Recumbent Exercise Bike

Working out from a gym is a great idea, but over time you may find you are unable to spend as much time in the gym as you would like due to time constraints. A home gym is an excellent choice because you can exercise at your convenience. Choosing the right fitness equipment to use at home can be a daunting task, especially if you are a novice.recumbent bike girl

When shopping for an exercise bike, you will come across two options: the upright models and the recumbent models. Both models can assist you to lose weight, improve cardio, and tone. The article below takes a closer look at the 5 main benefits of using a recumbent exercise bike.

Assures your safety

When looking for the right exercise bike, comfort and safety should be on top of your checklist. An upright exercise bike causes you to slouch forward, exposing your back to a myriad of pains and aches. A recumbent exercise is fitted with an ergonomically-shaped seat that offers you back support. This machine’s seat is lower than the standard bike. This means that your feet remain at the same level with your body thus preventing tension on the joints.

Enables you to exercise longer

For you to shed off that excess fat faster you need to work out longer, right? Well, getting the wrong exercise equipment will only delay you from achieving your weight loss goal.


A recumbent exercise bike has been constructed with this need in mind. Its ergonomic features allow you a pain-free workout experience, enabling you to workout longer. For example, someone who is used to a 30-minute workout on an upright bike can efficiently manage to work out for one hour on a recumbent exercise bike.

Targets more muscles and burns more calories 

Most people presume this exercise equipment is for people who do not want to work out as much. It’s a lazy option. This presumption could not be further from the truth.

The positioning of the pedals allows this bike to work on more muscles groups than the upright bike. It works on the hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, and lower level muscles. Targeting these muscle groups allows you to lose up to 900 calories each hour you are on this bike.

Weight capacity

Another significant reason why a recumbent exercise bike is ideal for your home gym is its ability to hold more weight than the average upright bike. This fitness bike has been designed to hold up to 300 pounds.

This makes it a solid choice for overweight people because they are assured their weight will be supported and they will be able to work out comfortably.

You save money and remain healthy.

Affordability is one of the key considerations when buying any fitness equipment. You don’t want to buy expensive exercise equipment that may break down quickly, or that may send you to the hospital due to back pains. Right?

Recumbent bikes are popular with fitness enthusiasts because they come in a wide variety of models and their prices are quite affordable. Picking a recumbent exercise bike assures you that you will remain healthy and you won’t suffer any back aches or joint pains.

If you decide to get an exercise bike, a recumbent exercise bike is a suitable addition to your gym. With it, you will get a variety of workout programs and resistance settings, a comfortable, well-cushioned seat, and save money.

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