The nutritionist chronicles – Part 3

By Becki

Nutritionists' like pimentos

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The following is the third installment of my visits with my nutritionist. We signed on for a 9 visit program, and I will journal about each visit.

I knew I had not made any progress. I was weighing myself daily, and was not seeing any change. I could also tell because my watch gets loose, and my rings fit better when my weight is coming off. Well, this time they weren’t.

The first thing the nutritionist told me was to stop weighing myself everyday. I was sticking to the menu, sticking to my calories (1200 a day), and sticking to my exercise (5-6 days a week). What was the deal? I did not get this at all! So, we did the bio-impedence, and the scale.

Just as I suspected, I had gained weight. Now the question was what kind of weight?? I had lost muscle, and gained fat. WTF? I AM FURIOUS! Why am I working so hard, and getting nowhere? I could be eating bad food, and get the same results (although deep down I knew I would feel guilty, so I didn’t eat them because I knew I would feel 10 times worse if I did)! I could be drinking 12-13 pops a day, and getting the same results!

I have cut my pop down to only three per day, and only 1 energy drink to get me going in the morning to do my workouts. I gave up Splenda, and am using only Stevia,

WHAT IS GOING ON? I am in tears, I am just beside myself. This is the worst feeling in the world. The harder I try (can’t work much harder), the worse it gets.

Then she broke it to me. I need to get some lab work done. She is sending me in for my thyroid to be tested. I told her I have had it tested before. She said not like this. She is going to have my T3 Free, and T4 Free checked. She is also getting some of the standard tests done–checking vitamin levels, liver tests, and cholesterol levels.

There has got to be something going on. This just isn’t making any sense. I am being cut to 1100 calories a day, only exercising 3 days a week (2 light cardio, and 1 light strength training, as to avoid muscle loss). She is also putting me on a bio-cleanse powder, to help cleanse my liver, and she cut my grains. No dairy, and no grains!

I have mixed feelings, but I want to keep positive. I’m hoping that something else is going on, but at the same time, I don’t want anything wrong with me. I just want this fixed whatever the problem.

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3 Responses to “The nutritionist chronicles – Part 3”

  1. mike says:

    this is golden i need to read part 1 and 2…is it expensive?

  2. Todd says:

    I wouldn’t say that it was cheap, but in the grand scheme of things not too bad. We got a “volume discount” by buying the 9-visit package. She is also seeing both of us for the price of one, so that makes it even more of a deal.

    Becki has been on a plateau for probably a year or more. Nothing that we did had lasting results. Keep in mind that this girl is SUPER anal about her food and exercise. Militant is a good way to put it.

    This nutritionist has been a huge help, and everything that she has done so far has moved Becki forward. Needless to say, I’ve been impressed.

  3. Amy Duran says:

    I’m glad Becki is seeing a nutritionalist. I think it will help her in the long run even if she isn’t dropping the weight like she wants. I hope nothing is wrong. Does she know how much calories she is burning a day because 1100 seems so low. I burn 3600 calories on average and if I tried to only east 1100 calories I would be in big trouble. Maybe Becki should get a body bugg so she knows what her body is burning.

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