The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto

body_fat_solutionTom Venuto, author of the most successful ebook on the internet, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” (Yes, that was an affiliate link. Thank you for noticing), offers up a very successful first printed book, “The Body Fat Solution”.

I picked this book up at the airport on one of my business trips. Buying diet/fitness books at the airport has been a huge fail for me in the past. It was just a matter of time before my luck would turn though. Spoiler alert! We’re just going to come right out and say it; this is the best book about this subject that we have read. Period.

The quality of the content is phenomenal. Tom puts things very simply so that laypeople can understand, and he backs his claims up with clinical data, as well as personal observations.

The first part of the book was spent talking about the mental aspect of weight loss; setting realistic goals in a realistic time frame, as well as positive thinking. The power of positive thinking is a vital component in achieving your goals. You will have a much easier time achieving your goals if your mind has the right “attitude” and “belief system”.

Tom drives home the important point that food is fuel, and breaks down what the real cause of your obesity is.

While he talks about low carbs, this is not a low carb diet. Instead, take out the processed carbohydrates, such as white sugar, white flour, etc. Then replace them with good for you foods like fruits, vegetables, and some whole grains. And do not forget about the lean protein. Tom also discusses ways to maximize your metabolism, and how to burn calories all day.

From there you are brought into types of exercise, and frequency of when to do each exercise, which I found quite helpful as well. Tom explains High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) and High Intensity Static State (HISS) cardio training, and blows the idea of the “fat burning zone” out of the water. From there you learn about muscle building through resistance training.

Another important factor that the author writes about is a social support system. He teaches you to bring in your friends and family to help support you, as well as your co-workers. This is important to distance yourself from those who tell you that you can’t do it. You do not need to cut them out of your life, but you need to deal with the negative attitude that they may possess. He also discusses developing mentors, such as trainers, nutritionists, etc.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. ~ Anonymous

The last part of the book goes into planning and organizing. This is where we set priorities and get started on the right foot. He discusses logging your progress, and what to do if you don’t see improvement.

As a special bonus, he gives you plans to keep from relapsing, and what mistakes to avoid. Just because you reach your goal, you do not want to go back to old habits. Stay on the path, and see continued success at maintaining where you have come on this journey.

We kind of gave away the ending earlier, but this is a great book. We highly recommend that you pick a copy of this book up, pronto.

For another review, check out what ShariFitness says about this book.

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5 Responses to “The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto”

  1. Ashley Dolbert says:

    I’ve seen this book, and it really is a full, complete solution for creating not only the kind of body you want, but the kind of life you want, as a result.

    Why is it that people can’t seem to understand the two basic tenets of ideal weight and health – food intake and exercise!!

    Every year we see people on The Biggest Loser prove beyond any reasonable doubt that almost *anyone* can be healthy and maintain an ideal weight if they will just watch what they put in their mouths, and make sure they get plenty of exercise!

    We might not have to have this nasty discourse on healthcare if people in the US were healthier in general. =)

  2. phit_admin says:

    I could not agree more. The sad truth though is that there is information overload, and a large portion of the info is just flat out wrong.

    The great thing about this book is that it lays it all out in easy to understand language. On top of that it is all information that is tried and true.

  3. Bob says:

    What people DO NOT understand is that losing weight and looking reasonably healthy (not those magazine cover photoshop version) is NOT difficult.

    The formula is simple enough. What goes into your stomach gets stored IF your body does NOT use it. You either eat just enough or you exercise the excess off.

    You cannot get muscular if you eat normally, so you have to feed your muscles enough and not a calorie more.

    The US government must look for ways to make neighbourhoods safe enough for people to go out and take long walks after dinner to burn off excess calories.

    In Singapore, we have parks and light resistance machines conveniently placed around neighbourhoods.

    Stadiums are built with FREE entrance for families to go and run around the tracks till 10pm.

    Good luck.

  4. phit_admin says:

    While on the whole, I agree with your comment. There are plenty of places to exercise in the US though. There are fitness centers on what seems like every street corner, fitness trails in parks, and just about every high school has a track, field and bleachers to exercise on. Not to mention the fact that simple exercise can be done in the living room without even leaving home. Not every city in the US is crime ridden. Anyway, that is a bit off topic.

    The bottom line is that there is too much junk/processed food consumed. THAT, combined with the sedentary lifestyles, is the cause of obesity. Period.

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