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Power Friday – Week 17

A lighter week, but still in training for my first powerlifting meet.

July 2010 drawing

PhitZone’s prize drawing for July, 2010.

A new service dog for Eva

2 year old Eva needs a new service dog. Read about it here.

Scheduled maintenance

Tweet Just an FYI–I will be doing some maintenance on the site this weekend. The plan is to do the upgrade to WP3.0, and I might try a new theme. If you come by, and something doesn’t look right, don’t panic.

Nutritionist chronicles – part 9

Tweet More good news, bad news I wish the story was at the end, but every time I go to write about my visit, it just seems to open more doors to more issues. I got another bio-impedance, and I am down 3 pounds. That is good for a 2 week period, but it is [...]

Power Friday – Week 15

Tweet Better late than never. I had a major case of the lazies this last weekend. Somehow I managed to not write a single post all weekend. We’ll blame it on Father’s day. So here’s my Power Friday report on Monday.

Nutritionist chronicles – part 8

Part 8 in the series. Rough going health-wise, but not giving up.

Power Friday – Week 14

Week 14 of training for my first powerlifting meet.

Power Friday – Week 13

The 13th update on my quest for powerlifting glory.

We are back!

After being attacked, is back online.