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This Woman is Reshaping Her Lower Body!

Shape your bottom half with these weight lifting tips.

Kettlebells To Be THE Next Big Thing — Really

KABC claims that the kettlebell is going to be the next big thing. Welcome to the party.

Stop wasting your time-Lift weights to make real progress

Tweet Make the most of your time and effort Stop wasting your time. Lifting weights is the only way to make real progress. There is nothing wrong with cardio work. It may not be my favorite thing, there is a time and place for it. But did you know that you will see faster results [...]

What’s On Your Playlist?

Tweet Music is motivation. When I am working out, I love nothing more than to have the music cranked to 11 (thank you Spinal Tap).

In The Zone, Vol. 1, No. 7

Published February, 2008. Topics include Winter Sports, Training With Kettlebells, Review of Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar, Recipe Salmon (or tuna) Salad.