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A Natural Way to Treat Type II Diabetes – ‘Mindful Eating’

Save yourself from diabetes using these healthy eating strategies.

Can the ‘Eat-This, Not-That’ Diet Be Effective?

If you eat only certain foods, you can enjoy fast food and chocolate. Doesn’t sound very promising. Here’s the review…

Is Counting Calories the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Tweet There is a lot of conflicting information regarding the best way to lose weight. Some say that it is simply a matter of eating certain foods and avoiding others. Others say you can eat anything you want but in moderation (whatever that means!). There are many resources available to help you maintain a healthy [...]

Get Fit & Healthy with Custom Weight Loss Programs

Tweet Editor’s note: Phit Zone does not endorse or promote the Medifast diet per se. This is simply a guest post by someone who has experience with the plan, and wants to teach you a little bit about custom diet plans. Fad Diets… Nay! Obesity has become a global malady. In the quest to address [...]

Are You Aware of the Ultimate Nutrition Tip?

If you only follow one nutrition tip it should be to only eat when you were hungry.

If You’re Not Eating Salmon, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Salmon not only tastes awesome, it’s also one of the best fish for you.

Do You Have Any Bananas Today?

Tweet Go Bananas! It’s safe to say that bananas are well known for being a wonderful source of potassium. This can help reduce high blood pressure, and reduce the risk of stroke. Did you know that they’re also a great source of vitamin C? It’s true, along with B6. And we can’t forget fiber, magnesium, [...]

Fun with tuna

Ahi (yellow fin), big eye, albacore. Tuna really is the chicken of the sea. Like chicken, it’s versatile, and very good.

What’s your beef?

Tweet It’s what’s for dinner. I love beef. There is not much in the foodie world, in my opinion, that tastes better than a steak from a grass-fed cow cooked over an open flame. Mmmmm my mouth is watering at the thought. Animal protein is about as good as it gets. I know, vegetarians do [...]

Very merry blueberry

Blueberries are awesome. These little guys are packing a serious punch that will knock out some serious health problems.