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This Woman is Reshaping Her Lower Body!

Shape your bottom half with these weight lifting tips.

Exercise Machines Power Green Gyms

What if there were a way to “be green” while getting fit? I’m not talking about a protest hike. Instead we’re discussing green exercise equipment that creates electricity as you use it.

10 of the Hottest Fitness Bloggers on Facebook

Social networking is hot. And so are these women fitness bloggers.

Old-Man Bodyweight Warm-up and Off-Day Workout

Bodyweight warm-up & workout guest post by Craig Ballantyne.

Stay Strong by Mixing it Up

Tweet Paint your workouts with a colorful palette A guest post by Cooper Elling. I hardly ever go to the gym, but I manage to stay strong and in great shape. I actually really enjoy heading to the health club, but I move back and forth across the country a lot and don’t want to [...]

Three Keys to A Killer Golf Swing

Exercise to improve your golf swing.

Is This the World’s Easiest Muscle Builder?

Craig tells us about his training techniques while on the road.

Little Known Ways to Look Like a Supermodel

Body image is so important. Living a real life is more important!

Get Strong – Stay Strong with 5/3/1

Tweet Power and Strength Every once in a while you come across a really cool program, and wonder, “why am I the only one doing this around here?” and “why haven’t you heard about this yet?” That is exactly how I feel about Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program for raw strength. I can see how it’s [...]

Real Life Fitness-Are You In?

Life happens. What can we do to help you work through it?