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Ikea Gives the Gift of Biking

Tweet Ikea Gives Free Bikes to Employees for Christmas Ikea, the furniture store, is pretty big on the health of their employees. They have a very active wellness program, and great incentives for biking to work. This year, they really bumped up the corporate Christmas gift by offering each of the 12,400 employees (yes, you [...]

Get Fueled Up With Coffee

Tweet Nutritional benefits of coffee Growing up, I could not stand the taste of coffee. When I started my first job in my career, everybody else was drinking it. I figured I might have to give it a try. Office coffee is the worst thing to be starting out on. Unless you work in an [...]

How do I lose weight?

“How do I lose weight?” Is this not the hot question today? With good reason too. We’re hit on an hourly basis with commercials for various products ranging from diets to pills. Exercise equipment to surgery. The list goes on and on. Frankly, it drives my head spin.

To Drink Or Not To Drink

Tweet When it comes to consuming our calories on a daily basis, one forgotten area is in the beverage area. The amount of calories that we drink on a daily basis might shock most. In fact, this was a rather hot topic recently in the media after a poll that was done in jolly ol’ [...]