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P90X – Week 4 Again

This is an update to week 4 of PhitZone’s review of P90X.

Make time for exercise

Make the time necessary to exercise. Excuses don’t cut the mustard.

P90X – Week 3

The third week of our P90X review. This is a 100% unbiased report.

An Engineering Marvel

Tweet The amazing machine. The engineering behind it is nothing short of incredible. There has never been anything like it. I doubt that there ever will. I’m reading up on some anatomy of the human body–a little light reading before bed. Just kidding about the last part.

P90X – Week 2

Week number two of P90X. Obstacles come and go. How do you work around them?

P90X Week 1 – Continued

The first week using the P90X program. Great exercise. Fantastic workout.

P90X – It begins

The journal of my journey doing P90X. This is the breakdown of the program beginning.

The debate – The gym vs. home gym

Whether at home or in the gym, where we train is personal. With pros and cons to both, what do you do?

5 Simple push-ups

With some hard work, you can do push ups.

Beginners Guide for Your First Figure Competition

Preparing for any competition takes planning. Learn what it takes to compete in your first figure competition.