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Top 5 Main Benefits of Using a Recumbent Exercise Bike

How and why you should workout with a recumbent exercise bike.

Ikea Gives the Gift of Biking

Tweet Ikea Gives Free Bikes to Employees for Christmas Ikea, the furniture store, is pretty big on the health of their employees. They have a very active wellness program, and great incentives for biking to work. This year, they really bumped up the corporate Christmas gift by offering each of the 12,400 employees (yes, you [...]

Be Safe Out there, Get a Road ID-Review

It’s dangerous out there. Your safety could depend on EMT’s knowing who you are. That’s where the Road ID comes in.

Take a bike ride on the wild side

Tweet They can’t take away our freedom! Ever since we were kids, a bicycle was something special. It was a symbol of freedom. As adults, we’re still looking for freedom. Only now it is a freedom from being out of shape, unfit and overweight. Biking is a fantastic form of exercise, whether it is braving [...]

World naked bike ride

June is World Naked Bike Ride month.