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The Pros Outweigh the Cons

There are more reasons for exercising than for not.

Success is a Journey

When working towards a goal, each day brings us closer to our success.

Messing with people at the gym

Tweet We found this over at Fit Bottom Girls the other day. After all of the shenanigans that I’ve seen at the gym over the years, this is too funny.

Power Friday – Week 18

Week 18 of training, and a shift in plans

Are you ready for a bucket list

Just like the movie “The Bucket List”, do you have a list of fitness goals to achieve?

If you don’t have a mentor now, you’ll hate yourself later

We all need guidance in our lives. A mentor can provide years of experience to show us a better way.

Hard times make you stronger

We all experience rough times. This adversity makes us stronger. This was my experience in 2008.

Is Pavlov messing with your progress?

Tweet Guest post by Milda Simonaitis The drool response makes you hungry You’re probably familiar with the weight loss tip of putting food away as soon as you’re done with a meal, or staying out of the kitchen, as a means of avoiding unnecessary snacking. The idea is that if you don’t see it, you [...]

Win FREE stuff – January, 2010 contest

It’s PhitZone’s Ring in the new year with FREE stuff contest.

To be a man, train like a woman

Women are truly driven creatures. When combined with a focus on being strong, confident and sexy, there is no stopping them. Men need to witness this, and harness this power for good.