Power Friday – Week 19

We had a visit with the nutritionist this Friday. I’m sure Beck will have another installment of the Nutritionist Chronicles very soon.

Anyway, it went very well. I showed up this time with a print out of my food diary from SparkPeople.com. That was a first, as I haven’t been very good about taking my diary in.

There was shock & surprise in my eyes. My bodyfat percentage went down again. My weight went down. And what really blew me away, I actually gained lean muscle. Why is that a surprise? I haven’t done any resistance training in three weeks.

If you read last weeks report, I was supposed to start on the P90X program on Monday. One of our heart rate monitors is M.I.A., and the other one died. Lame excuse? Since I’m supposed to monitor my HR throughout each session, I thought it was important. On top of that, getting the bioimpedence measurements is only going to help track what’s really going on change-wise.

Tomorrow (Saturday), I’ll be doing the fitness assessment. And on Monday, the fun begins. As I said last week, I’ll keep weekly reports of my thoughts and comments on this program. Keep in mind, this will be an unbiased report. We bought the program (full price), and we are receiving no compensation from anybody.

It is also my solemn promise to you that at no point during this review will I use the phrase “bring it”. Nor will I ever make an X with my forearms. Every time that I see that on the infomercial, I can’t help but think of Molly Shannon in “Superstar“.

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  1. Okay but now I’m thinking of you acting like Molly Shannon.

  2. Todd says:

    Our youngest does a good impression. She cracked me up in Talladega Nights too.

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