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I have three passions in my life. My God. My family. My health.

When I get a chance to combine these, man, I am all over it!

Awhile back, IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale, mentioned that he had been interviewed for Faith & Fitness magazine, and that I should check it out.

I clicked right on over, and found a very cool website that combines two of those favorite things–faith and fitness. In fact, I liked it so much, I added them to the blog roll, right over there in the sidebar. –>

No Agony, No Bragony

Know your limits. It’s ok to push yourself. I’m all for setting new Personal Records (PR), but if you just end up hurting yourself, the whole point is defeated.

That old adage of “No pain. No Gain.” is very dangerous if you don’t listen to your body. I once strained my rotator cuff because I didn’t listen. Luckily, with a little rest, it healed.

Becca wasn’t so lucky, and ended up with a slight bicep tear and shoulder surgery that put her out of the gym for nearly a year.

Strive for that next level. Just don’t skip a stair to get there, or you just might trip yourself up.

Catnip Tea

It’s medicinal, I tell you!

Kitty cats love cat nip

Catnip tea – Yeah – it’s that freakin’ relaxing.

It’s ok — you read that right. We’re talking catnip today. You know, the stuff that makes your cat stoned? We’re going to make tea with it.

No, it’s is not the same as those funny brownies in college. (Wait, what?)

When I told Becca about this, she looked at me with a scowl, and said, and I quote, “Ewww.”

Get Fit Without a Gym

No gym required to get fit

playground exercise fitness

Train outdoors for fun!

Guest post by Jeff Turner

First, what does, “getting fit” really mean?  No worries, here’s the answer; it depends.  Seriously, it depends on your goals, time, gym or no gym, and do you have equipment or just body weight.

My daughter, Brianna (B) just committed to play lacrosse in college.  She will be a junior in a few weeks so she has 25 months to prepare.  Yes, I’m a proud father, but the point is she has a different view of “fit” than most of us.  Playing at the D1 level takes big commitment

Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates – Review

Review of pilates in-a-box by Mari Winsor

Mari Winsor Pilates

Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates Kit

Caution – Affiliate links ahead. This is not a sponsored review, and the only compensation received was the kit that Gaiam sent us to review. I have included some affiliate links to Amazon in order to help support this site.
Have you ever found something that was buried in a closet, and when you find it, it feels like Christmas?

Gaiam, the company that produces various workout DVD’s, sent us this Pilates kit by Mari Winsor to review for you.

At the time I was powerlifting and Pilates didn’t fit in that routine very well. Becca was recovering from shoulder surgery, and was on strict orders not to exercise. The box got put away, and forgotten about.

What a mistake.

Answer the Call to Health & Fitness

Get fit & healthy now!

Answer the call to fitness

Pick up the phone, your health & fitness is calling

Guest post by Jennifer Bell

Living fit & healthy is not always the easiest task to accomplish in a society where technology has made everything immediate. Obesity is a growing epidemic. People with over 25% body fat are considered obese. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 33% of all adult Americans are obese. Furthermore, nearly, 17% of all children are obese, according to the New York Times. Americans need a wake up call to get active and remain healthy.


Change as the situation requires

Chameleon improvise adapt overcome

Chameleon are famous for adapting to surroundings.

Life. She’s going to throw you curve balls. You’ll be going along. Everything’s great. Then BLAM!!! You’re forced to deal with something new. Something different.

How you adapt, and handle that diversity shows what you’re made of.

It doesn’t have to be anything as serious as a death, or loss of a job (although we could easily talk about that in our current economy).

Cardio Machines that Suck

Elliptical workouts aren’t effective!

Guest post by Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Elliptical machines suck

Cross trainers suck

Recently, I was in Tampa, Florida, at a seminar. Between sessions, a physician from Georgia stopped me in the hall and said, “Hey Craig, you were right about those crosstrainer machines. I’ve had your program for a few months now and I’m getting better results with the bodyweight circuits.”

It’s always great to meet clients, and I was curious to find out how he heard of me. Turns out, he found me through Google, landing on an article I wrote about “how elliptical machines (crosstrainers) suck

This Woman is Reshaping Her Lower Body!

Shape Your Lower Body with Weight Lifting

Lower body reshaped with weights

You can shape your lower body using weights

Guest post by Suzanne Digre.

When you talk about wanting to work on your lower body, what you’re really saying is that you want to re-proportion it. You want a more defined backside or shapelier calves. You want more muscle or less fat in specific areas.

While cardio and lean eating will help reduce body fat and reveal your muscles, we all know you can’t spot reduce. But weight lifting, unlike cardio, can shape your body and change it in very specific places.

Bacon – Duct Tape of the Foodie World

Bipity – Bopity – Bacon

Bacone is the foodie world's duct tape

Bacone makes everything better

I recently discovered a new (to me) blog called Primal Toad. It’s run by this young buck named Todd (Toad) Dosenberry.

Toad is into what’s called the Primal Lifestyle. (Stay tuned, he’s going to be doing a guest post primer to the primal way of eating).

No, he doesn’t hunt wooly mammoth in a saber tooth tiger loin cloth and a spear. At least he hasn’t mentioned doing so. He would get bonus points if he did though.