P90X – Week 3

Craziness! That is my statement for the week. I missed Monday and Tuesday’s workouts due to a family medical emergency (everybody is okay).

I came back for a KILLER shoulder & arm session on Wednesday (see below for my description of this DVD). I nudged the weight up on a few exercises, and killed the reps on bench dips. By the way, 30 bench dips with no rest will fry your arms. At least they did mine. Yes!!!

Thursday was a tough one because we had a lot of running around to do that evening, but I managed to get 30 minutes of yoga in. Nowhere near as long as planned, but much better than zero minutes.

Today is legs & back (lots of lunges and more pull-ups). I enjoy this session! The only doorway that I can put the pull-up bar in is the laundry room upstairs. That means that after doing a leg exercise that I have to run up stairs to do my pull-ups. This is all well and good, but last week after doing the mother-of-all calf sessions, my calves started to knot up as I ran up the stairs. I slowed down, and all was well.

Going into the fourth week, it’s time for some changes, so stay tuned…

Shoulders & Arms

You can use bands here, but I prefer dumbbells. I have one set of 25 lbs. set dumbbells, and a pair of Bowflex Select-Tech dumbbells. This is not a paid advertisement. The adjustable dumbbells, if you choose not to use the bands, are a must. Period.

The idea here is to do one shoulder move, a biceps exercise, followed by the triceps. As an example, you’d do alternating dumbbell presses, curls, and then dumbbell kick backs. Do that set twice. Then rest for about 30 seconds. This is followed by three new exercises.

This is done for 4 sets of exercises, plus a bonus round. If you push yourself, this is one training session that is no joke.

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5 Responses to “P90X – Week 3”

  1. Tom says:

    Dude, life can get in the way. Family has to come before everything else. Good job pushing through it though.Why did you choose the Bowflex dumbbells over other adjustables?

  2. Todd says:

    You’re absolutely right.
    The reason that we chose the Bowflex dumbbells was that they feel solid. The other adjustable DB’s didn’t feel like that.

  3. Bry Jensen says:

    I’d kill for a set of Bowflex Selecttech, especially while working out with Tony! I love the flexibility!

    Sounds like you are killing it, keep it up!

  4. Todd says:

    The Bowflex dumbbells are super flexible, and have come in very handy working out with Tony.

    Thanks for the kind words. This week has been rough, but life is settling down again so I should be back on track for the start of phase 2 on Monday.

  5. P90X-Week 4 says:

    [...] P90X-Week 3 P90X [...]

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