Getting Back on the P90X Train

All Aboard

Full Steam Ahead

Photo: Roger Barker CC-By-2.0

My work schedule is finally calming down for a bit.

The bad news is that OT pays well, and will be missed. The good news is that I get some of my time back. Yeah!

This also means that I can get back to training with P90X.

My dilemma was whether to start over, or to continue on where I left off. Overall my training was severely lacking in the recent past. On the other hand, If I start over, we’re talking five weeks.

Since I’m doing this review, doing the first five weeks over didn’t seem like an option. I’ve decided to suck it up, and jump back on where I left off.

Starting Monday, I will start it up again, and give you a full report next Friday.

Stay tuned, ’cause this is gonna get fun–or at least very entertaining.

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