Out of shape athletes

Athletes out of shape show poor form

Out of shape athelete

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Right up front I want to apologize for this rant. I’ve noticed something, and it’s driving me nuts.

Professional athletes make an insane amount of money. I don’t begrudge them for doing so, because they’re careers are typically very short. Plus, they’re paid what the market will bear. God bless free enterprise!

Out of shape professional athletes just boggle my mind. Players are reporting to training camp in preparation for the upcoming National Football League’s (NFL) season. I’m not going to name names. They know who they are. If you’re that curious, just look at your favorite sporting news website.

It boggles the mind how some of these men are reporting to camp overweight, and way out of shape. These are professionals that get paid for playing a childs game. And they get paid a LOT of money to do so. The 2010 NFL league minimum salary is $325,000, and the salary average just shy of $1.2 million.

Professional football players are a select few. Is it that far out of the question that maybe in May or June that they put the doughnut down, and start training?

It just doesn’t seem like that outside of the ordinary to do everything possible in order to stay in top physical condition. At the very minimum, just don’t get too far off of the mark.

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