The nutritionist chronicles – Part 1

By Becki

The following is the first installment of my visits with my new nutritionist. We signed on for a 9 visit program, and I will journal about each visit.


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On my first visit I did a lot of talking. My nutritionist took this time to get to know what I am currently doing, and where I am headed. She took this time to see how much I know, and what my bad (and good) habits are. Mine, you may be wondering–I am very anal about anything that passes my lips except when it come to my diet pop. I am drinking 12-13 a day. My one vice. I eat very low fat, which I will have to learn to overcome. I count every calorie, every carb, every protein. I exercise ritually every morning (very early) 5 days a week.

Why am I seeing a nutritionist? Because I still need to drop 23 pounds, and I am getting nowhere. She showed me why a low glycemic (GI) diet would work best for me, and showed me what the benefits are to a low GI diet.

Ok, my first visit, I learned that I need to cut out (or at least seriously reduce) my pop. Well, sorry, it will be a gradual process. I am starting by cutting my diet pop consumption in half. I will start by doing 6 a day. She also put me on a machine that measures my fat, muscle, and water percentage. I think she called it a bio-impedance analysis.

I was given a sheet of paper that told me to eat 1300 calories a day. It showed me what foods groups to eat from, and how much of that food group to eat.

I also learned that I will keep up exercising 4-5 days a week.

Stay tuned for visit two

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8 Responses to “The nutritionist chronicles – Part 1”

  1. Rob Murray says:

    Giving up pop (sugar kind) was one of the hardest things I did after 60 years of drinking.
    Now I can’t stand them. You won’t either. Good luck.

  2. Todd says:

    Good to hear from you Rob. It’s been very tough for her too. She used to live on the stuff, but has taken up water as well. Now she’s weening herself off of the pop, and is down to three a day.

  3. Your Proud Mom #2 says:

    I am so impressed by your willingness to make some lifestyle changes and that you’re doing it at your age instead of mine. I hope to learn from you through this blog. At 61, I have decided to strengthen my core so I don’t become a doddering old woman you guys have to lug around. Per Todd’s advice I got with a personal trainer who set me up with weights and machines that will slowly and painlessly help me achieve my goal. Getting rid of abdominal fat will be a side benefit. This is my secnd week and I am feeling energized. It is so much better to focus on strength than weight.

  4. The diet soda is one of my last holdout bad habits too! I got down to one a day for many, many years. Recently I have decided that I can break this cycle. I haven’t gone cold turkey, but I am down to one diet coke every 3 days. It really is mind over matter. I know you can do it!

  5. Amy Duran says:

    You should take a look at why consuming diet soda is so bad. Aspartame is linked to may health problems including blood sugar issues. I worry about your soda consumption. Please check out health risks do to aspartame.

  6. Todd says:

    @Pamela It’s been tough for her, but she’s making progress.

    @Amy She knows the negatives about the use of aspartame. Being diabetic, she really don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to products that come sweetened. She uses Stevia or Xyletol whenever possible, but what can you do? She’s cut it down to three/day, which is a huge reduction.

  7. Amy Duran says:

    I’m really proud of her! That is great that she has cut it down so much. If she needs something to drink with a little flavor without all the bad side affects have her try Diet Hansen’s. No sodium and no aspartame. Only suggestions because I love her! Have a great day!

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