The nutritionist chronicles – Part 2

By Becki

The following is the second installment of my visits with my new nutritionist. We signed on for a 9 visit program, and I will journal about each visit.


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The second visit to the nutritionist was one with mixed results. I had gained a quarter of a pound, but had lost fat, and gained muscle weight. I was also retaining water!!! So, why would this be happening? I had dropped my sodas to 6 per day, and only one energy drink. Think, think–why was I retaining such a large amount of water? Agh!!! I know why. Hormones! I was going to start my menstrual cycle the next week. This gave me hope of doing a bang out job for the next visit.

During this visit we examined different reasons for retaining water. There is always the reasoning of the ever so popular, menstrual cycle. I was also eating lean lunch meat that was pre-packaged. Ah-ha…. Another piece to the puzzle. Whenever possible, buy fresh, fresh, fresh!!! The meat from the deli, cut right in front of you is the best way to go. Pre-packaged foods, whether it be soup, lunch meat, or canned vegetables, they are full of sodium. This is a big reason why they can keep for so long. Granted pre-packaged lunch meat has an expiration date, but still, for meat, that is a long way out.

I have to admit I was a bit discouraged. Ok, a LOT discouraged, but it also gave me hope for a GREAT third visit. I am learning with each visit how to eat healthier, and smarter. Another little tid bit. Try 1 teaspoon of flax seed oil to one teaspoon apple cider vinegar, with a dash of sea salt. A great marinade, or one for drizzling over salads. The vinegar also helps with the alkalinity of your body. This is something I never knew.

Next time, visit three

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2 Responses to “The nutritionist chronicles – Part 2”

  1. Mom says:

    The part about the lunch meat was very interesting to me as I eat prepackaged HEB ham on my healthy whole wheat and mustard sandwiches(have stopped putting a ton of mayo on). Noticed today all the sodium. This blog has convinced me to have fresh sliced at the deli. Thank you

  2. Todd says:

    We’re glad that you’re enjoying the articles. There’s more on the way… :)

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