Nitrean Protein Powder

Back in October 2008 we did a review of Nitrean protein powder from At Large Nutrition in our free monthly newsletter, IN THE ZONE. I thought that I would write an updated review to post on the blog.

First and foremost I want to say that ATL is one of our advertisers. Please, go read our blog post, here, concerning our policy on reviews about our advertisers and partners.

Every time that I have ordered from At Large Nutrition, I have been more than happy. When I made an order back in September, I did so on a Sunday evening. Imagine my surprise when I opened my email early the next morning to learn that the order had been confirmed. Better yet, it had already been fulfilled. Did I mention that the email from ATL had been sent the night before. THAT is prompt customer service. Period.

Standard shipping across the country took one week, which is not out of the ordinary. Frankly, that has nothing to do with ATL, but with the delivery service. You can opt to get it shipped faster, but keep in mind, the price goes up for faster service. It’s that old saying, time is money.

Testing was conducted using two different methods. The first was to use 10 oz. of water with one scoop of powder, mixed with a spoon. The powder fully dissolved, and neither the chocolate or vanilla was over powering (vanilla was by far the favorite though). If you are looking for a sweet powder this is not it.

The second test was made with the same method, but replaced the water with 1% milk. The powder did not dissolve, quite as well however it did not have the clumps that are often found with protein powders.

Next was to used a shaker cup. This cup has an agitator device built into the lid. Once again, when mixing the Nitrean in water it fully dissolved with only a few good shakes. Using milk in the shaker, there was the same issue as before. We think this may be due to the colder temperature of the milk.

One of the testers likes to use very little water, and make a cake batter consistency. We found that the Nitrean did not lend itself well for this method because it dissolves so well.

The price of Nitrean is in line with other quality protein powders on the market, so do not be put off by this. Remember, you get what you pay for. When it comes to what you put into your body, do not cut corners.

If for some reason our endorsement is not enough, Nitrean was recommended, not once, but twice in Men’s Health magazine on separate occasions in 2007.

Overall we felt that the Nitrean mixed very well, has a good taste, but was not overly strong. It is also competitively priced for a product of this quality. The vanilla was by far a favorite by our testers. It is our recomendation to go to At Large Nutrition and check it out for yourself.

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  2. Beth Poucher says:

    I always take those protein powders manufactured by Nitrean because they are of very high quality. :

  3. Phit_Admin says:

    Nitrean is pretty good. Thanks for your feedback.

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