Let’s go All The Whey

atw-proteinWe’ve talked about protein powders before. And we’re going to do it again. This time we’re going to talk about a powder that we have been using for a few years now. It is made by a company called All The Whey (remain calm, that was not an affiliate link).

A quick note about the affiliate thing. All The Whey does not offer an affiliate program, or we would have signed on long ago. But good news; Bodybuilding.com (see advertisement over there —>) now carries ATW products. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

While ATW makes a number of products, honestly, we’ve only tried two of them. One was the BCAA (branched chain amino acids) capsules. While they worked fine, we’re not talking about BCAA’s today. The other was the Whey Protein Blend (now that right there is an affiliate link).

I eat five to seven meals a day and a couple of protein shakes. – Casper Van Dien

These currently come in seven flavors. These include vanilla, chocolate, banana, and strawberry. Pretty typical flavors found in other brands. The flavors of the ATW powder is better, in my opinion. Remember I said seven flavors, but then only listed four? The others are chocolate mint, cinnamon bun, and cake batter. Cup Cake Batter? Are you serious? Yes, Matilda, I’m serious. YUMMY! Oh, and they offer more flavors on the ATW website.

Here are a few things that we liked about this powder:

  • It mixes easily-You would not believe how hard it can be to get most powders to mix. Whether with a spoon or shaker cup (my preferred method), you won’t find many clumps.
  • Great taste-There are a few powders out there that taste pretty good. The blends from ATW rank with the best of them.
  • Variety-As I mentioned, there are seven flavors listed on BB.com, but five more on the ATW site.

Protein powder is not cheap. These are no exception. Just remember that you get what you pay for. These are quality products. If you are in the market for good, quality protein, then I would recommend that you give these a try.

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  2. I hope you have the BEST 2010 and that each day becomes more of a blessing for you and your family. Thank you for being my friend and all the wonderful advice you have given to me and my readers. You are a gem.. Glenn

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    Glenn, I appreciate your comments and well wishes. Your blog is a diamond in the rough, and I would love to see you succeed with it.
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