Kettlebells To Be THE Next Big Thing — Really

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I receive email notifications on various topics that cover the health and fitness industry. This morning I had to chuckle a little when I read the headline “Kettle bells may be next big thing in fitness“. I clicked on the link, and was taken to KABC’s website in Los Angeles, CA.

What really struck me funny is the “next big thing” comment. I mean, really? Where ya been? Granted, if you’re new to fitness, which many people are, kettlebells may be a new development.

For anybody that’s been around for even a few months, they’ve probably seen an article on the kettlebell, and just how awesome this tool is.

Overall, the story has a lot of great info, and I recommend the read. To Lori Corbin, the author, I say, “welcome to the 21st century.”

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9 Responses to “Kettlebells To Be THE Next Big Thing — Really”

  1. Steven H says:

    Kettlebells are great for full body workouts.

  2. Todd says:

    @Steven – I agree, they are great for full body workouts. What are some of your favorite exercises?

  3. Farouk says:

    Its the first time i hear about but it sounds like its useful

  4. Todd says:

    They’re very useful, if used correctly. I honestly haven’t found anybody that says that they don’t like using kettlebells.

  5. Cute Kid says:

    Frankly, I clicked your article to learn what kettlebells are :)

  6. Todd says:

    Well, I suppose there are some that haven’t heard of them. ;) So, do you have questions about kettlebells?

  7. Apparently the real “next big thing” is this damn Kinect thing that everyone is asking me about. No, I don’t know what it is. Yes, if it’s for the Wii I will get one. I just had my throat ripped out. I really don’t feel like working out.

  8. Todd says:

    My girls have been rattling on & on about the Kinect. As far as I know it’ just for the Xbox 360. Pretty cool device, but I’m not sure that I want to shell out another $150 for our gaming system… unless they figure out a way for me to use it with Rainbow Six or Call of Duty.

  9. Greta says:

    Todd, I agree with you that kettlebells will not be the next big thing in fitness. And it is a really good tool.

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