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Vol. 1, No. 6 January, 2009

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-From the Editors: Thank you
-This Just In: Breaking News
-A Few Moments With: Diana Chaloux
-Gym Bag: Presidential Challenge
-Soap Box: New Year Resolutions
-On the Plate: Pineapple Pie



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Welcome to 2009! For once, there is no rant to
include. Not that there is nothing to rant about
but we felt that it was very important to thank
our readers to wish everybody a safe and
successful year.
It is our sincere wish that each and everyone of
you is granted the power and strength to
have the best 2009 possible.

We look forward to continuing to bring you what
we feel is the best information available. It is
our goal to keep improving, and bringing you more
features to help and entertain you.


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Reported on, poor sleep can increase
the risk of getting sick. A recent study of 153
people finds that those who get seven to eight
hours of sleep fend off colds better than those who
get less sleep.

Sleep deprivation affects the immune system. This
study even went as far as to show that small
disturbances increased the likelihood of getting


On it was reported that according to a
Center for Disease Control (CDC) study, 1 in 200
youths are vegetarian.

Some of the young adults still eat fish and
poultry, while others abstain from all animal
byproducts, such as dairy products, etc. People
that follow this type of diet are known as vegans.

An important point of the article on
was that just a vegetarian diet does not always
equate to low calories. In fact, a good amount of
research should be conducted by individuals eating
a vegetarian diet to ensure that all essential
nutrient requirements are being met.

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A Few Moments With:
Diana Chaloux

This month we share a few minutes with Diana
Chaloux, co-owner of Destined 2 Be Fit, Diana is a WBFF Figure World
Champion, FAME Pro Fitness Model World Champion,
and Certified Personal Trainer.

ITZ: Diana, what led you to the competition stage?

DC: I was always into fitness and athletics
growing up, I loved the weight room and was
strength training as early as 14 years old. It
wasn’t until around 2002-2003 when I became a
certified personal trainer that the world of
physique competition sparked my interest. I
remember seeing these amazing fit women in
magazines and on television. I was in absolute
awe of them. I didn’t know when or how but I knew
then it is what I wanted to be. I had pictures of
fitness and figure competitors plastered all over
the walls of my room and vowed that someday that
would be me. I procrastinated for several years
before I finally buckled down in 2005 and made the
commitment to compete in my first show! I was a
personal trainer at the time, but I wasn’t eating
right and weighed in at about 170 pounds. I
trained hard and ate clean for 18 weeks for my
first competition. I lost over 40 pounds during
that time, and won first place. I was hooked on
the sport from that moment on. Three years later,
I can’t believe what an amazing journey I’ve had
so far, with pro cards now from two different
organizations, two world champion titles, and
coverage in magazines such as Oxygen, Muscle and
Fitness Hers, and Status Fitness. I’m simply
amazed that such big dreams are coming true!

ITZ: What are your competition goals?

DC: I spent 2007-2008 focusing on competition, I
competed in four shows and won all four of them.
One of the main reasons I compete is because I
have a deep desire to have an impact on the
obesity crisis that our country is facing. My goal
is to educate, inspire and motivate others to make
positive changes to enhance their lives, and the
lives of their children. Having titles and
coverage in the fitness industry offers me a
platform to be able to fulfill that goal. I do
love the competition stage though, and I will
continue to compete because I love the challenge,
I love the atmosphere at the competitions, being
Around my fellow athletes, the excitement; it’s

ITZ: How did you get involved with Destined 2 Be

DC: I wanted to start my own business. In 2006, I
Took a year off from competing to get Destined 2
Be Fit up and running. I provide all types of
fitness services through D2BFit, the latest is my
Online Transformation Programs! I offer 12 and 16
Week packages where people can work with me online
as their very own trainer. I provide them with
customized workouts depending on what type of
equipment or space that they have available to
them. I give them nutrition guidance and work with
them on their diets. Each one of my clients has
their own personal profile page where they get
loads of fitness and nutrition information. They
also have direct access to me online where I can
answer their questions, coach them through a
moment of weakness, or help them prepare for an
upcoming obstacle. I have clients all around the
world, including Italy, the UK, Canada, Australia
and of course the US! It is really awesome to have
the opportunity to be a part of the fitness
Journey of so many people regardless of where they
live! I also provide one-on-one personal training
where I get To work with people in person on their
fitness goals! That is an awesome experience too.

ITZ: How does online training work?

DC: Online training has been so much fun because
it allows me to offer up my knowledge as a
professional trainer and competitor to my clients
regardless of where they live. The great thing
about it too is I can communicate with my clients
on a regular basis to answer their questions,
provide them with workouts, help them make healthy
eating choices and keep them on track to attain
their fitness goals throughout my time working
with them, and it doesn’t matter where I am or
where they are! The main thing that the majority of
people are lacking when it comes to attaining their
goals is motivation and someone to hold them
accountable. When they have me keeping them
motivated and holding them accountable for their
choices they are able to achieve their goals. Also,
online training is an extremely affordable
alternative to one-on-one personal training. My
programs are extremely cost effective. I offer 12
and 16 week plans which break down to $13.00 -
$15.00 per week! Considering that one-on-one
sessions run anywhere from $45.00-$75.00 per hour,
it is a considerable savings.

ITZ: Tell us about the “Fitness Deadlines” DVD.

DC: Fitness Deadlines is my strength training DVD.
The whole goal of this program was to provide
efficient, effective workouts which don’t require
a lot of equipment or space. The workouts are
doable regardless if you are a beginner or are
more advanced. I kept the movements simple, yet
they are some of the most effective exercises that
you can do to get your body in shape! The workouts
are great for if you are traveling too. The only
equipment required is a resistance band. There is
an upper body workout, lower body workout and a
full body express workout. Each routine is around
15 minutes long so they aren’t time consuming, but
they are very effective. “Fitness Deadlines” is
available for sale in my online store at the
D2BFit website!

ITZ: Who influenced you?

DC: I’ve looked up to a number of amazing women,
and the coolest thing is I now proudly call these
women my friends! The same girls whose pictures I
had plastered on my walls a few years ago are the
ones I now stand on stage with and that in itself
is a huge honor. There are also men who have had a
major influence on my journey in the fitness
industry. Micah LaCerte is the main one. He is a
life coach, trainer and top fitness model, and
lucky me, he is my boyfriend. I have learned so
much from him. He has overcome incredible
circumstances in his life and has inspired me to be
a better trainer, a better competitor, and a better
woman. I am Blessed to have him in my life.

ITZ: What advice should everyone follow?

DC: The best advice I can give anyone is to take
the power and responsibility for your choices.
Leading a fit and healthy lifestyle, eating
properly and caring for your body which is such a
gift, is completely up to you. When you take care
of your body, your quality and quantity of life can
be so much better! You will be better at all of
your roles in life, whether it be as a parent,
employer, employee, friend, son or daughter, etc.
When we choose to neglect our health and fitness,
place it on the bottom rung of the priority list so
to speak, we are asking for trouble. The likelihood
of developing a plethora of diseases is greatly
increased, energy levels are low, confidence and
self esteem are low, ability to perform at your
best is not doable, quality of life and the ability
to just enjoy it and be happy everyday are
compromised. It is so important to take charge of
your health and fitness so that you can be the best
that you can be!

ITZ: What do you do to relax?

DC: I love spending time with my family, especially
with my niece, who is two years old and just so
awesome. I love hanging out with Micah, we are big
into watching movies or just getting outside and
going for a walk together.

ITZ: Favorite book/movie?

DC: My absolute favorite book is the Bible, can’t
get enough of God’s word and guidance; need it so
much! I love books by Max Lucado and I love my
Fitness magazines. My favorite movies are love
stories (I’m such a girl). My sister and I love
watching flicks like the Notebook and the Holiday.
Those are two of my very favorites.

ITZ: Diana, thank you for your time. We wish you
success in your competitive career, as well as with
your business.

Be sure to visit To contact
Diana you can email her at

By T. Boyer
The President’s Challenge

President’s Council on Youth Fitness began under
Dwight Eisenhower, as well as a the pilot program
to give a basic fitness test to children aged five
to twelve.

Under John Kennedy’s administration the program was
extended, and has continued to flourish through
subsequent Presidential administrations.

The testing done in schools has changed slightly
over the years, but the core of sit-ups, pull-ups,
one mile run, etc. are still in place. Under
Ronald Reagan awards were created for those
meeting certain criteria.

Under George W. Bush’s administration the
President’s Council on Physical Fitness launched and
Children and adults can log on to these websites
for information, as well as registering to take
place in various fitness challenges. As an adult
you can log your activities to earn points, and
when you reach certain goals you win bronze, silver
and gold awards. I will let you in on a little
secret; when you reach that gold level, there is
another to go after. When you reach these levels
you can purchase a certificate to hang on the wall,
or a t-shirt to show your accomplishments off to
the world.


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On the Soap Box:
New Year Resolutions
By: T. Boyer

If you are thinking to yourself, “Hey, isn’t this
where the Product Spotlight or Event Report goes?”
you would be right.

This is usually where one of those would go.
However, we had more to write about and it just
seemed more important, at least for this month.

Roughly five years ago I made a New Years
resolution to never make another New Years
resolution. To date, it is the only one that I
have ever kept.

Every year gym owners count on the beginning of
the year. Just like retailers count on December to
put them in the red, gyms count on the first
quarter of the year to put them in the red. People
go in, buy contracts for the following year, then
when they come home sore for a few weeks, they drop
it. The other scenario is that people go like
gangbusters, and then it happens; life gets in the
way. The excuses start flying, and that is the end
of yet another resolution.

Fitness and the pursuit of a healthy body is not
something that you just jump into with both feet.
One also has to be willing to make the commitment
to not give up or quit. No excuses, and no

As I mentioned above, many drop off of the radar
when they come to the conclusion that their bodies
are so sore that they can not walk right or lift
their arms, and see no end. What they do not
realize is that is that the soreness does end, and
that they are typically just a week or three from
this new lifestyle choice to become a habit.

So for the love of Pete, leave the resolutions to
others, and just make a decision to commit to your
body’s well being.


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By: B. Boyer
Pineapple Pie

8 oz – Sour Cream, fat free
4 servings – Vanilla pudding (instant & sugar free)
20 oz – Crushed pineapple (unsweetened)
1 9″ diameter – Pie shell (graham cracker)

Make the pudding per the directions on the box.
After the pudding sets, combine it in a bowl with
the sour cream and crushed pineapple. **WARNING**
Do not use pineapple chunks or this recipe turns
to a glue-like substance!

Pour mixture into the pie shell, and chill for at
least twenty minutes, and serve cold. This pie is
great on its own, but really comes alive with some
whipped cream.

This recipe makes eight (8) servings. The
following information is per serving.

Calories – 186.6
Carbohydrates – 30.5 grams
Protein – 2.3 grams
Fat – 6.6 grams

Nutritional values calculated at


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