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Vol. 1, No. 4 November, 2008

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-A Few Moments With: Mike Ekanem
-Gym Bag: Dancing
-Product Spotlight: Gold’s Gym Resistance Tube Kit
-On the Plate: Chicken Egg White Omelet



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So, what set me off for this month’s rant? Simple, I
turned on the television. It does not matter the
channel, the radio station, or favorite periodical. On
just about every front we are bombarded to take a magic
pill. You know the ones; all you have to do is take
pill “X” and all of your problems will go away.
Although judging from the long list of side effects
listed at the end of the adversitement, OTHER problems
**may** arise

Granted, our society is all about taking a pill to fix
just about everything. Feel sad? Take a pill. Feel
fat? Take a pill. Got an itch? Apply this cream… and
take a pill. The drug companies know that there are
serious side affects with a great many of their
products, yet peddle them anyway. “Take this pill to
lose a lot of weight… but pay no attention to the
anal leakage.” Funny? Yes! Real? Yes!!! A good idea?

To put this in context with the subject matter of ITZ,
the number of pills on the market to “melt the fat
away” makes my head hurt. The Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) is not required to approve many
of these because they fall under the supplement
category. The average consumer has no idea what they
are putting in their bodies.

A pill, much like certain surgeries, are nothing more
than a bandage on the real problem. The only REAL way
to fix a fat body is by making good choices when it
comes to nutrition and exercise.


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Montreal, Canada – On Friday, October 17, 2008,
Bodybuilding icon, Ben Weider passed away.

Ben and his brother, Joe, founded the International
Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) in 1946 and helped
to legitimize bodybuilding as a sport. The Weiders
were also responsible for introducing Arnold
Schwarzenegger to the world in 1969.

Mr. Weider was a philanthropist, author and scholar
that specialized in Napoleonic history. He authored
the book “The Murder of Napoleon”, which challenged
the common belief that Napoleon Bonaparte died of
stomach cancer, and suggested that he was actually
poisoned by one of his generals.

Ben Weider served in the Canadian Army during World
War II, was awarded the Order of Canada, the Order of
Quebec, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and
was given the Legion of Honor Medal from France.

Ben Weider is survived by his wife Hoguette Derouin,
three sons, and his brother, Joe.

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A Few Moments With:
Mike Ekanem
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach -
San Antonio Silver Stars

This month our guest hails from Houston, TX, and
graduate of Texas Lutheran University, where he was
an all-conference guard on the basketball team. Mike
graduated with a BS in Athletic Training, and then
earned his Masters in Exercise Sciens and Health
Promotion from California University of Pennsylvania.

Mike has played professional basketball in Europe, and
spent the 2007 season as an Assistant strength coach
with the Silver Stars.

Mike is recognized as a performance enhancement
and corrective exercise specialist. He is also a
certified personal trainer with the National
college of Exercise Professionals, and Certified
Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National
Strenght and Conditioning Association.

ITZ: After attending TLU, you played professional
basketball in Europe. Tell
me about that experience?

ME: Being able to travel the world and get paid doing
something you love is always a tremendous experience.
I have played for teams in Germany, Ireland, France
and Romania which has given me the opportunity to
travel all over Europe. It was a great experience and
working in the WNBA gives me the luxury to still be
able to play. Where will I play this season? possibly
Finland, India or back to Germany.

ITZ: What brought you to coaching a WNBA team on
strength and conditioning?

ME: I have my Bachelors in Sports Medicine and Masters
in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. Usually in my
off-season I would get a temporary job as a personal
trainer or physical therapy aid. I was actually
training a client one day and she told me that I
have way too much knowledge and a great resume and I
should send it to the Spurs. I did so and it somehow
got in the hands of the Silver Stars. I was invited to
come intern one summer and just fell in love with the
team, the organization, and strength and conditioning.
A couple months after the season, I was in Romania and
I got an email from Silver Stars Coach saying the old
strength coach accepted a full time position with the
Spurs and he asked if I was interested in the position
and here we are today.

ITZ: What types of training do you utilize with your

ME: In the off-season I focus on performance
enhancement. Basically trying to get the athlete
stronger, quicker, faster, and address any individual
needs that will make them a better player next season.
This involves a lot of footwork and agility drills,
running with resistance to increase speed and semi-
heavy lifting.

During the season its more of a maintenance phase. I
focus on trying to maintain a players strength, keep
joints strong and active, and maintain the players
conditioning. Scheduling workouts is tough during the
season because of games and travel but sometimes we
have to be creative and figure out ways to get the
workout in. Another thing I changed when taking over
the program is implementing a rehab and injury
preventive focus. If a player has any nagging injuries
I will get with our athletic trainer and develop a
proper rehab program for that player. The difference
in my philosophy and others is these rehab exercises
will not be ceased when the athlete is healed from
injury. If you have any injury you are required to
continue rehabbing that injury/specific body part for
the remainder of the season.

ITZ: What led you down this path?

ME: I have always been an athlete and working in
sports, I will forever be an athlete. I will keep that
mentality and hopefully it will keep me forever young.
I am always driven by success. I love to help people
reach their goals and watch them succeed. That gives
me a sense of success as well

ITZ: Advice everyone should follow:

ME: Just be yourself. Strive for the best and whenever
you have doubters or someone tells you can’t do
it, that should be motivation to prove them wrong.

ITZ: What do you do to relax?

ME: Sleep; I love to sleep. I have actually picked up
a new past time though. I have never been a reader,
especially if it wasn’t mandatory but I have recently
started reading. It’s pretty relaxing to me. It
motivates me to read a persons success story or
different journeys people have been on to get to where
they are today. I also like to re-educate and further
educate myself in the field of strength and
conditioning and athletic training.

ITZ: Favorite book/movie:

ME: Book – Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy
Movie – Remember the Titans

I would like to take a moment to thank Mike for taking
the time to take a break from of his very busy
schedule in order to talk to me. At the time that this
interview took place, the Silver Stars were in the
midst of playing in the WNBA Championship Finals.


Trip the Lights Fantastic
By T. Boyer

Variety is the spice of life. so Why just stare at a
television while on a treadmill or stationary bike?
These are both fantastic exercises, but tend to get a
tad monotonous when performed day in and day out.
There are great activities such as hiking, running,
playing sports, etc. that can round out, and sometimes
invigorate an exercise regimen. One such activity that
is often forgotten about is social dancing.

Cutting a rug can burn 200 to 400 calories per hour
depending on dance style, duration and exertion.
According to Mayo Clinic researchers there is a
reduction in stress, as well as an increase in energy
and strength. Since dance is a load baring activity
there is the also the benefit of improved bone

Another benefit of dancing socially is fitness of the
mind. When dancing with a partner, whether leading or
following, communication through touch and the
memorization of steps helps to simulate the brain. The
forming of social ties is very healthy to the psyche
as well.

Whether waltzing, square dancing, swing or salsa, when
added to a program of exercise and nutrition, dancing
is certainly a benefit on many fronts.


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Gold’s Gym Resistance Tubes
By T. Boyer

When it comes to traveling it can be a challenge to
get a good resistance workout in. Yes, there are a
number of body-weight exercises that can be done, and
I recommend doing so. Sometimes, however, you just
need to do some good ol’ curls or shoulder presses.
Resistance bands are a great way to add this element
to a hotel room training session, and for others it is
a great start to adding resistance training to a new
fitness routine.

This month we are looking at the Gold’s Gym Resistance
Tube Kit. This is being marketed by Wal*Mart for
approximately $14. It comes with a workout DVD, a mesh
travel bag and a workout chart. What really drew me to
this setup over others that I have seen around is the
three interchangeable tubes that vary in resistance.
You can use one, two or all three tubes to tailor fit
your training.

The workout DVD is hosted by 1996 IFBB Ms. Olympia
Fitness, Mia Finnegan, who has a very interesting
bloodline, including a great-grandfather that trained
the legendary strongman, Eugen Sandow. Mia does a fine
job leading a full body workout utilizing the
resistance tubes.

The kit and DVD fit very nicely in the mesh drawstring
bag, making it very easy to pack for a trip. When
traveling I pop the DVD in my laptop, and manage to
get a decent workout wherever I am staying.

Pros: Inexpensive, versatile and compact
Cons: If you have hairy legs, I recommend not wearing
shorts, as the rubber tubes have a tendency to grab
Recommend: Yes


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Chicken Egg White Omelet
By R. Boyer

3 egg whites
2 ounces chicken breast
1 ounce non-fat cheddar cheese (You can substitue
low fat if desired)
1/4 cup chopped green onion

Beat egg whites in a bowl. Add eggs to preheated pan
on stove top. When eggs begin to solidify add chicken,
onion and cheese to one side of pan. With a spatula
fold over the other side of the eggs. Continue to cook
to desired consistency, then remove from pan and enjoy!

225 calories
2 grams fat
7.1 grams carbohydrate
41.1 grams protein


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