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Vol. 1, No. 2 September, 2008

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-Gym Bag: Reality Vs. Virtual Reality
-Product Spotlight: Mio Sport Heart Rate Monitor
-On the Plate: Whole Wheat Pita Pizza



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Growing up I was taught that “hate” is a harsh word.
When it comes to health and fitness, I have to be
honest, I hate scales with a passion.

Think about it, muscle weighs more than fat, and if
we are building muscle in the process of “losing
weight” does it make much sense to be measuring
weight? The problem may be in the vocabulary. Perhaps
what I really despise is the term “weight loss”.
As a society we use the phrase weight loss, jump on a
scale and become discouraged with the number. Weight
is not the enemy; FAT is the enemy.

The proper measurement is body fat percentage. There
are numerous ways to measure body fat, and some are
more accurate than others. It can be done with a
measuring tape, calipers, a low voltage electrical
current, or a tank of water.

Whatever the method that is chosen, it has to be a
better method of measuring progress and establishing
goals than with a scale.


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August, 26, 2008 – Glanbia PLC, an Irish cheese and
nutritional group, purchasesd Illinois based Optimum
Nutrition, Inc.

Optimum Nutrition is a manufacturer of sports
nutrition supplements. It is reported that the deal
was made for $315 million.

Optimum Nutrition generated $185 million in revenue
with $32 million in operating profit, and holds $51
million in gross assets.

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Reality Vs. Virtual Reality
T. Boyer

Some is better than none, but is it really enough? If
yes, then the next question has to be, is it enough?

There have been numerous studies asking these very
questions over the last few years. What has been found
so far is that interactive games such as found on the
Nintendo Wii, and Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) on other
gaming platforms, such as the Xbox or Playstation,
burn far more calories than traditional sedentary
video games.

From my research DDR was the only one that got the
heart rate up enough to be considered for an exercise
program, and even then, it was on the low end of what
is required. These games just do not require enough
intensity for a long enough period of time to be of
any real help.

I recently had the opportunity to check out the new
Wii Fit. It is the next generation of interactive
gaming. While the programs available for the Fit are
better, none of them required a video game to be done.
The Yoga portion can be done via a basic Yoga DVD, or
better yet, in a class. The balance games were just
that, games. I found very little benefit from this
portion. The strength training portion of the Fit are
excellent exercises, but could just as easily be
picked up off of a website or in an exercise class at
the local gym.

The bottom line is that these games are fun, and they
are a far better option as far as gaming is concerned.
However, for exercise they just do not cut the mustard.
Do yourself a favor, if you choose to use these
games, do so for fun. When it comes to your fitness,
go get after it with the real thing.


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By T. Boyer

This month we are looking at the Mio Sport heart rate
monitor watch.

There are a lot of heart rate monitors on the market
today. Some have a strap that goes around the chest,
and sends a wireless signal to the monitor on your
wrist. The problem with these, while they seem very
accurate, is that strap. It is uncomfortable, and it
is difficult to keep it in place. That brings us to
the strapless monitors, like the Mio Sport.

We purchased ours on sale for around $30, which seems
like a fair price for what it does.

To begin, follow the directions to enter your weight
and resting heart rate. Then you simply strap it to
your wrist, and press the two buttons on the top. When
it beeps, it will show you your current heart rate,
along with percentage of your maximum heart rate.

There is also a stop watch feature for timing laps, or
rest periods between sets, along with an alarm to
remind you to stop having so much fun and to get to

The rubber wrist band is pretty comfortable, even when
sweating out a grueling training session. My only real
complaint with this, and the majority of HR monitors
that we have used, is that if the sculpted band were to
break, finding a replacement will be difficult.

Pros: Ease of use, inexpensive.
Cons: Potential problem if the band were to break.
Recommend: Yes.


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By B. Boyer

One of the worst things to give up is pizza. So I say
why do a thing like that when dinner for under 300
calories is possible!!!!!

1 Whole wheat pita bread
1 Tbl. spoon Plain pizza sauce
2 oz. Shredded part skim mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup sliced mushrooms

Spread the pizza sauce on the pita bread. Add the
cheese evenly. Spread mushrooms on top. Place on
cookie sheet. Place in preheated 350° oven for seven
to ten minutes, or until the cheese has melted evenly.

115.31 calories
29.06 g carbs
5.24 g protein
0.34 g fat

A few slices of Canadian bacon can also be added for a
nice touch with very few calories added.

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