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Vol. 1, No. 1 August, 2008

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-This Just In
-Gym Bag: Fun In The Sun
-Product Spotlight: Bowflex Selectech Dumbbells
-On the Plate: Apple Yogurt Treat



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Welcome to the first issue of IN THE ZONE! The goal of
this ezine is simply to inform, entertain and
motivate our readers.

Each month you will find news that involves fitness
and nutrition. We’re bringing to you the reviews of
products and reports on fitness related events.

Watch for interviews with fitness personalities,
recipes, and whatever other entertaining ideas we
come up with.

Our goal is to provide our readers with the
very best information on health and fitness.

Our staff looks forward to hearing from you. If you
have any input, please feel free to email us at We look forward to bringing this
ezine to you each and every month.


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According to a recent report by the FTC, “Marketing
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Expenditures, Activities and Self-Regulation”, in 2006
forty-four major food and beverage companies spent
$1.6 billion to promote products to children and
adolescents in the US.

The food companies are called to use “meaningful,
nutrition-based standards for marketing their products
to children under 12.”

The report calls upon the entertainment industry to
take responsibility by limiting the use of t.v. and
movie characters to only cross-promote nutritious
food products.

The report also finds that food and beverage companies
have made substantial progress since a 2005 FTC and
DHHS co-sponsored workshop on marketing, and child


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Fun in the Sun
By T. Boyer
Summer time is here, the weather is heating up and
it is time to get off of that treadmill and head
outdoors. When we do head outside it is important
to heed that glowing yellow orb in the sky. The
following are some suggestions to making it a safe

Hydrate – We should always be getting plenty of
water throughout the day, but in the heat of summer
it is especially important to do so. It is
suggested to drink eight – 8 oz. glasses of water per
day, and in the heat I like to get a couple more.

Dress for success – When exercising, or really doing
anything in the heat, it is a good idea to wear
light colored, loose fitting, cool clothing. This will
allow the body to breathe and easily dissipate heat.

Shades – While getting some shade is good, I’m
talking about wearing shades. Protect those eyes with
some quality UV blocking sunglasses. Not only will
you look good, your eyes will thank you. For those
that wear prescription glasses, if you do not want
to have a second pair of prescription glasses,
consider some quality clip-ons. You can get these
from your local optometrist.

Sun Block – From all of the reading that I have done
on this subject, it is a common recommendation to use
no less than an SPF 15, with SPF 30 being preferred.
Don’t skimp on the amount of sun block applied either
or you will not receive all of the benefits. Keep in
mind that the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) only refers
to an amount of time that one can stay in the sun
without being burned.

Hat – Don’t forget to cover that bean while working in
the sun. Hats with a visor can help protect your eyes.
If the visor goes all the way around, it will cover
your neck and ears. Ball caps will leave these areas

So fill up your water bottle, throw on some shorts,
shades, a hat, and apply a bunch of sun block. Then go
out and get after it. Be sure to watch for the signs
of heat exhaustion which include:
-Pale, cool & moist skin
-Sweating profusely
-Muscle cramps or pain
-Headache, weakness, and nausea
-Higher than normal temperature

And heat stroke:
-Unconsciousness, or abnormal mental state
-Flushed, hot and dry skin
-Core temperature of 105° or higher


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By T. Boyer

This month we are looking at the Selectech dumbbells
manufactured by Bowflex.

First impressions are so important. And at first
glance it was easy to see that there was a lot of
care taken in the design of these pieces of
equipment. I have used a few of the different
adjustable dumbbells that are on the market, so I
feel very confident in saying that these are one of
the very best available at this time.

We opted for the 52.5 lbs. dumbbells. For our small
home gym they are quite adequate. Changing weights
between sets takes only seconds. That means that
time between sets are actually spent resting!

The selector dials are easy to read, as well as simple
to operate. They move smoothly, and click into place.
A built-in safety feature prevents lifting the handle
from the rack if the selector does not lock into
place. This can be annoying at times because it has
to be in the exact position. All in all though we feel
that the safety aspect of this far outweighs the
occasional annoyance.

The price of these dumbbells seem rather high at first
glance. After all, this is just one set of dumbbells.
Or is it? Keep in mind that these effectively replace
fifteen sets (for this set) of conventional preset

The only real drawback that we have found is that
the dumbbells are not expandable. So if you progress
beyond the maximum set weight, you are stuck having to
purchase another set.

Pros: Easy to use, minimum space required, very
Cons: Sticker shock, and lack of expandability.
Recommend?: Yes. Do yourself a favor and spend the
additional money for the stand while you are at it.


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By B. Boyer

This recipe is a nice cool treat in the summer time.
You certainly do not need to use the brands listed,
however this is what we used to calculate the
nutritional information.

3/4 cup chopped apple
2 Tbsp DaVinci sugar free caramel syrup
Pinch of cinnamon
6 ounces of Dannon Light n Fit vanilla yogurt

Combine ingredients in a small bowl, stir with
a spoon, and enjoy!

115.31 calories
0.34 g fat
29.06 g carbs
5.24 g protein

For a variant of this that does not use Splenda, you
can skip the SF caramel syrup, use plain yogurt, add
a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and add sweetener to
taste using Stevia or Xylitol.


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