Ikea Gives the Gift of Biking

Ikea Gives Free Bikes to Employees for Christmas

A bike fro mIkea

How many companies do you know of that would give their employees a bike for Christmas?

Ikea, the furniture store, is pretty big on the health of their employees. They have a very active wellness program, and great incentives for biking to work.

This year, they really bumped up the corporate Christmas gift by offering each of the 12,400 employees (yes, you read that right) a free “all terrain” bike.

I don’t care how you stack it up, that’s just cool.

There has been no mention whether the employees would have to assemble their bikes or not.

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  1. Okay, that last line is awesome.

  2. Todd says:

    Finally, somebody commented on that. :)
    Todd´s last [type] ..Free Advertising Drawing

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