How to Lose Weight, and Get Seriously Strong

Shed fat, gain muscle right now

Recently I posted the wrap-up of P90X. When I ended that program, I started looking what I would do next. I intend to get back to doing the 5X5 training that I was doing last spring.

This time , I wanted to do something simple, yet effective. As always, the least amount of time training, the better for this guy on the go.

I’ve designed many interval workouts in the past, but I wanted to try something new. Something that would really push me to the next level. Something that made “cardio” obsolete.

Call it what you will, but when I stumbled on Turbulence Training, it was love at first sight.

The 21-day trial for $4.95 is insane! The program is laid out beautifully with workout logs, explanations of each exercise, etc. Plus, you get access to the member only forum where you can get any of your questions answered.

In the early 1980‘s, entrepreneur Victor Kiam use to say in the Remington electric shaver commercials, “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company.”

Thirty years later, my commercial tagline is, “I liked the training program so much, I became an affiliate partner.”

It’s our policy to bring to you products that we believe strongly in. For instance, that ad over there in the sidebar–we love that company, and can’t say enough good things about them.

Another advertiser, Egg Whites International, is a top notch company that delivers outstanding product with fantastic customer service.

Turbulence Training fits right in with those companies. Craig Ballantyne is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (arguably the highest personal training cert that there is). He has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. and is the creator of Turbulence Training.

Want to know how badass the Turbulence Training Fat Loss program is? Craig offers an 8-week unconditional 100% money back guarantee. Seriously–if you aren’t happy after 8 weeks of using his program, Craig will return your money, no questions asked–100%!

Check this out–If you get started right now, follow this program, including the information provided in the Nutrition Guide, you could realistically lose 10-20 pounds before April. Ladies, 1-2 dress size reduction!

Here’s what’s going to happen next–you’re going to click this Turbulence Training 21-day trial for $4.95 link to learn more about how you will burn that fat for the cost of a drink at Starbucks. After seeing how incredibly awesome this deal is, you’ll click on the Add to Cart button, and start shedding that unwanted fat.

Photo: Kym Parry

In the interest of full disclosure (Hi there, Mr. FTC !), and you didn’t pick up on this in this post, there are affiliate links within.

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13 Responses to “How to Lose Weight, and Get Seriously Strong”

  1. Hey Todd,

    I agree with you, Craig put together one awesome program in TT. The part I like the most is that he offers new workouts every month so you never get bored and your body never truly adapts to any one workout.


  2. Tim says:

    I’ve seen ads for TT around, but never really looked at it. That 4.95 deal looks pretty good though.

    Susan, I’m going to come take a look at your programs also. I love the idea of training at home. Does it require any equipment?

  3. Geez, if I wasn’t locked into to my Wii as my only form of exercise I’d be all over this.

  4. Todd says:

    You can’t argue with the success that you’ve had with the Wii though. I was very skeptical when that first came on the scene, but seeing what you and the Wii Mommies have accomplished, I’m a believer.

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  6. Hey Tim, requires no equipment but I do suggest getting a stability ball and dumbbells. If one did not have those they could still do bodyweight exercises. :-)

  7. Todd says:

    @Tim, go check out @Susan’s site–You can’t go wrong there.

  8. VetTech says:

    For someone who hasn’t seriously worked out in awhile P90X seems overwhelming, this seems more manageable.

  9. Todd says:

    Exactly. P90X takes a lot of commitment, and it is overwhelming. The workouts were intense, and I loved that. Towards the end, I was burned out.
    I had the opportunity to be an affiliate (coach) for P90X, but to be honest, I liked the Turbulence Training program more.
    Now, I’ll also give Susan’s home workouts (see above) a shout-out also. I found her program after Craig’s TT, otherwise I would have strongly considered giving her program a go.

  10. farouk says:

    thank you for the tips, i never tried the p90x but i heard a lot about it

  11. Todd says:

    @Farouk, it’s decent, and will work you hard if you want it to. I’ve been using Turbulence Training the past week, and it honestly is whooping my butt more.

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