Welcome to‘s Blog. I am not exactly sure how we are going to use this yet, but for the time being I think that this will serve as an archive for the ezine, IN THE ZONE. Who knows, perhaps later this year when our contract with the current host is up, I’ll just move the entire site on here… we’ll see.

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4 Responses to “Greetings”

  1. steveman1 says:

    Best of luck whichever way you go. Sometimes having an entire site driven by WordPress can be a bear, especially if you have a ton of posts. WordPress can start to aggravate servers. If you do move it all on WP, check out a plugin called WP-Cache…it will help things run more smoothly.

    Sorry for the ramble :)

  2. phitzone says:

    Those are very good points. For the time being I will continue to operate our website separate from the blog. Especially since I just discovered that I can’t put my affiliate advertisers on here without upgrading to VIP. :(

  3. steveman1 says:

    Who is your host for Phitzone? Bluehost has free wordpress installs on the control panel, along with free forums, etc. So you could host your own…It isn’t perfect, but what host is …

  4. phitzone says:

    It is a small local host that I’ve hosted previous sites on. Right now we are running our main site and publishing a monthly ezine from it. Now with this blog, I am almost thinking of scrapping the ezine, and just running the blog (which would negate the other site). I’d be interested on your thoughts.

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