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Editor’s note: Phit Zone does not endorse or promote the Medifast diet per se. This is simply a guest post by someone who has experience with the plan, and wants to teach you a little bit about custom diet plans.

Fad Diets… Nay!

healthy weight loss

healthy weight loss

Obesity has become a global malady. In the quest to address this growing global concern, numerous fad diet programs are introduced in the market. However, an effective diet to one person may not be as effective to another. The nutritional needs of our bodies are different from each other. If you are on a diet program and it seems that you cannot see any result, it could be that it is not addressing the needs of your body.

It can be frustrating especially if you have already tried so many programs and failed again and again. This is where the role of custom weight loss program comes into play. As the name suggests, it will customize the program according to your needs, so you will end up fit and healthy.

Custom Diet Plans… Yay!

Custom weight loss programs usually comes in pre packaged meals which can be ready to eat or may require the addition of some water. The best thing about it is that you will be the one to choose your meal after they have given you guideline on your body’s nutritional needs. The meals usually fall into different categories which include oatmeal, brownies, eggs, shakes and many more.

There is no worry about getting bored as the meals are available in more than 80 options. Your option is also interchangeable, hence allowing you to either follow same order everyday or do some mix up.

This custom weight loss program is specifically designed to ensure that the body will get the proper nutrients that it requires for proper functioning. It includes calories and fat sources that are healthy and will eliminate the unhealthy ones. The meal plan is a product of thorough study to ensure that they will be meals appropriate for everybody.


One of these plans is the Medifast recipes, which can come right to your doorsteps already apportioned. Dieters need not worry about dividing the foods they eat, weighing them up, and calculating calorie or fat contents. These things are already calculated and all you have to do is eat them up. While the calories, carbohydrates, and fats are controlled, the meals nevertheless contain sufficient amount of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Flexible Meal Plans

Custom weight loss programs are not designed as a one size fit all weight problem solution. It acknowledges the fact that every person is different when it comes to dietary requirements.

To illustrate, calorie demands of the male body is totally different from that of women. Those suffering from health conditions like diabetes also have different dietary needs as those having gluten problems.

With custom diet programs, the wide assortment of packages ensure that there is always something for everyone. If you cannot choose a pre package meal plan that suits your needs, you also have the option of coming up with your own menu.

There is a misconception that since custom weight loss programs are proven effective and safe, they have as exorbitant price. This is utterly incorrect as custom programs would want dieters to be healthy and fit at the most reasonable price.

They usually come with an easy to understand and up-front price plan without any worry of fluctuating cost. They even have diet coupons which can truly be enjoyed by every dieter.

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