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I have three passions in my life. My God. My family. My health.

When I get a chance to combine these, man, I am all over it!

Awhile back, IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale, mentioned that he had been interviewed for Faith & Fitness magazine, and that I should check it out.

I clicked right on over, and found a very cool website that combines two of those favorite things–faith and fitness. In fact, I liked it so much, I added them to the blog roll, right over there in the sidebar. –>

Published bimonthly (every other month), the creators of Faith & Fitness, Lifestyle Media Group, do an outstanding job of blending two very distinct topics.

Brad Bloom, the publisher of F&F, got the idea when reading on a message forum. Somebody asked about a fitness magazine that they wouldn’t be embarrassed to have on their coffee table. I have my own set of issues about magazines, but the poster was concerned with the porn-like images throughout the current fitness magazines.

According to Wikipedia (take it for what it’s worth), 78% of Americans identify themselves as “Christian”. That’s a rather large niche. Seeing this, Brad jumped on board, and F&F was born. It has been published as an online magazine since 2008.

The range of topics covering family, culture, men, women, seniors, etc.

One of my recent faves is about how to have discipline. Brad looks at what it takes to have discipline in your life, from losing weight and being active, to acting in wisdom and showing compassion and grace.

What you’re going to find on Faith & Fitness are articles that talk about health & fitness, and how these tie into having a strong faith life.


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4 Responses to “Faith and Fitness – Review”

  1. Kate Smith says:

    I’ve been a subscriber of that magazine since last year and It’s been great reading it. A 2-in-1 magazine that surely have great lessons and topics to offer.
    Kate Smith´s last [type] ..MSDSonline Teams up with ASSE and Jennifer Silk for GHS Webinar on April 19

  2. Todd says:

    Kate, it’s a wonderful meshing of two great topics.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I am so excited that I found your website! I am an aspiring fitness model trying to really create a wholesome image and keep with my Christian values throughout this process! Would love to collaborate with you if possible. Please check out my website –
    Tiffany´s last [type] ..The Power to Endure – 1 Corinthians 10:13, James 1:4

  4. Todd says:

    Hi Tiffany. Cool site. I’ll send you an email about collaboration.

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