5 Exercises for a strong back

Do these 5 exercises for back strength

We’ve all read about the benefits of having a strong core. The core is mainly thought of as the stomach area (abs, obliques, etc.). The often forgotten area of the core is the back.

The back muscles keep your spine aligned. If your back is not right, you can feel it in any one of your extremities.

I once had a nagging pain in my right foot. I tried orthodic pads in my shoes. Even new shoes. Nothing stopped the pain. Then one day it dawned on me—my lower back was soar. I did some stretching, hanging upside down on an inversion chair, and doing back exercises. Amazingly the pain in my foot went away.

Here are five exercises that you can implement to give you a strong back:

  1. Deadlift – This is one of the basic three exercises that everybody should do (the other two are the benchpress, and barbell squats). The deadlift has an affect on the whole back, but primarily focuses on the lower back.
  2. Hyperextensions – These hit the lower and middle back. Think of them as a situp done in reverse. When done with an exercise ball, they call in some of the other stabilizer muscles. When done on the end of a bench, you can add additional weight for more challenge.
  3. Pull-up/Chin-up – Yet another staple exercise that everybody should have in their bag-o-tricks. When done consistently, pull-ups will really build upper back, and shoulder strength. As an added benefit, arm strength increases also.
  4. Barbell/Dumbbell Rows – These are done while bent over. This causes some stress to the lower back, but the main focus of the work is being done in the upper back. When you have the bar or dumbbell pulled all the way to the top, make sure to squeeze the back for maximum effect.
  5. Stretch – When you’re done with your training, be sure to stretch the muscles. There are numerous stretches that can be performed. Do your research. Be careful not to pull a muscle. And NO bouncing.

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3 Responses to “5 Exercises for a strong back”

  1. Kyooty says:

    I could never ever ever do a pull up, a chin up or get myself to the other side of the monkeybars.

  2. Todd says:

    @Kyooty- It takes practice to do any of these. I could never do more than one pull-up. A few months ago I started adding them to my training, and now I can do ten.

  3. Tim says:

    I still can’t do more than 5 chin ups, but I don’t do them that often.

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