Energy Crisis: Beat Tiredness with B-12

You’re Not Tired, You’re Just Deficient

Vitamin D & Fitness

Vitamin B-12 & Fitness

You’re a coffee drinker. I get it. You need it in the morning – you might get two cups if that’s your fancy. Then you feel a crash after lunch and you have another cup of coffee or a soda. Perhaps you’re feeling a little adventurous and take an energy drink down. Well, you’re not doing yourself any favors by shoving that much caffeine in your body. It’s not common knowledge but caffeine is a drug and it’s not natural, making it probably worse for you.

If you’re constantly tired throughout the day it’s not because you didn’t get enough sleep. People get 8-10 hours a sleep and still feel exhausted. It’s not a sleep problem — it’s a vitamin problem.

Scientists and researchers all recommend the body have vitamin B-12. The main ingredient in energy drinks is B-12, but it’s compacted with so much sugar and unnatural carbohydrates that essentially it is bad for you.

B-12 is full of receptors that on the one hand fight free radicals, but it also helps the DNA form new cells. But most importantly, B-12 turns the food we eat into energy and it helps power our metabolism. Coffee and energy drinks don’t do that. You might feel more energized for a time but you will crash hard, guaranteed.

Other than tiredness you might feel the following symptoms if you’re not getting enough vitamins:

  1. Mood changes – This affects just about everyone. Mood changes can be almost instantaneous.
  2. Concentration issues – If you’re easily distracted or almost borderline ADD (attention deficit disorder), then it’s probably a good sign you need B-12.
  3. Tingling in the hands or feet – Tingling isn’t natural, nor is it good. That doesn’t happen if you just sat on it for a long time. It’s a good sign that you probably have a lack the vitamin.

The lack of vitamin B-12 hits everyone. B-12 is found in some foods such as spinach and some nuts, but it is also found in sub-lingual liquid drops. There are benefits to taking it this way.

Some benefits of sub-lingual supplement delivery:

  • Fewer calories – If you’re a health nut then you know extra calories are your enemy. Health-conscious people have a tendency to take more drops because oftentimes there are no calories to them. This plays perfectly into the hands of some workout people.
  • Absorbs faster – With food it sometimes takes a while for the food to actually absorb its nutrients into the body. With liquid it virtually absorbs instantly. Just a take a shot of that instead of an energy drink. It’s good and natural for you.
  • Easier to take – You know what it’s like when you have to take a pill. It evokes bad memories of childhood when you nearly choked on one. Yes, those were the serious days. Now, you can drop a few drops in your mouth and you’re done.

B-12 is perhaps the most underrated vitamin in existence. Not many people even know what it can do for you but its benefits, some listed above, are so beneficial to your body that you can’t neglect it. We all need our daily amount of vitamins but B-12 should be important enough for us that we need to be conscious of it.

Scientists have concluded that next to D3, B-12 is the most neglected vitamin we have in our bodies. The neglect of it can be subtly felt in our bodies. When we’re tired in the morning, we shouldn’t just drink loads of coffee and assume the problem is finished. Coffee and soda only last a small amount of time and it’s all unnatural.

Vitamin B-12 is a natural energy booster because it is natural – and in some ways it justifies the things that you eat because it converts it into energy. That way you’re not just eating empty calories. Taking sub-lingual liquid vitamin B-12 could very well be the best investment you make as far as healthy nutrients are concerned. You won’t regret it; you also won’t feel a crash that makes your whole body shut down.

Many Americans are lacking B-12. You’re not in a boat by yourself. Millions of people have it and they don’t realize it. That doesn’t mean it’s not too late for you to get in the game now.

Author Bio

John Hunter has worked for professional and collegiate baseball teams across the country. John has a Masters Degree in Dietetics and recommends taking sublingual liquid vitamin B12 to boost the mental energy – which in turn boosts the physical part, too.

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