eBook review: “The Simple Easy Diet” by Judy Zerafa

I was recently given a copy of a new ebook called “The Simple Easy Diet” written by Judy Zerafa. Judy is the author of “Go for it”, and the “Seven Keys to Success Life Program”, as well as a motivational speaker. Judy also heads her Go For It! Foundation™, the “Seven Keys to Success Life Program” to children throughout the United States.

Initially I was skeptical of yet another diet book. The pleasant surprise is that it does not fit that mold. In fact, it may fall closer to a self-help book that focuses on one’s attitude.

The typical diet book looks at some kind of “new” way of dieting, exercising, etc. This book takes a different approach by focusing in on the mental aspects of changing your mindset. In this aspect it reminded me of the first part of Tom Venuto’s book, “The Body Fat Solution.

Judy taps into the idea of the law of attraction, which has been a buzz phrase in the last couple of years. She goes beyond this, however, and gives some very helpful ideas for correcting thought processes. The point of this is to take away negative thoughts, and to reprogram positive thoughts in their place while forming new habits.

The Simple Easy Diet” is a fast read, however I found myself going over it a second time. If you are tired of failing at “dieting”, this book may be just what you need to find success, not only with weight, but in other aspects of life.

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