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P90X – Week 4 Again

This is an update to week 4 of PhitZone’s review of P90X.

P90X-Week 4

Week number 4 in our review of P90X.

P90X – Week 3

The third week of our P90X review. This is a 100% unbiased report.

P90X – Week 2

Week number two of P90X. Obstacles come and go. How do you work around them?

P90X Week 1 – Continued

The first week using the P90X program. Great exercise. Fantastic workout.

P90X – It begins

The journal of my journey doing P90X. This is the breakdown of the program beginning.

Fitday Vs. SprarkPeople

Tracking meals, exercise, measurements, and goals is a key to making progress.

Strong Mind, Strong Body – Review

The key to having a strong body is having a strong mind first. That’s the only way you won’t find yourself struggling to lose the weight yet again year after year.

Losing It and Keeping Fit!-Review

Tweet The setup We were recently asked by Gaiam to review a new DVD starring Jenny Craig’s spoke person, Valerie Bertinelli. The title is “Losing It and Keeping Fit!“. We already own a tai chi and a yoga DVD put out by Gaiam. I figured this would be a slam dunk. In the interested of [...]

Let’s go All The Whey

A rousing review for All The Whey’s protein blend.