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Holy Sweet Potato, Batman!

Sweet potatoes are a super food. Lots of vitamins, etc.

Fun with tuna

Ahi (yellow fin), big eye, albacore. Tuna really is the chicken of the sea. Like chicken, it’s versatile, and very good.

Celebrate Independence Day

Holiday celebrations, like the 4th of July, have to be done smartly.

Nutritionist chronicles – part 9

Tweet More good news, bad news I wish the story was at the end, but every time I go to write about my visit, it just seems to open more doors to more issues. I got another bio-impedance, and I am down 3 pounds. That is good for a 2 week period, but it is [...]

Nutritionist chronicles – part 8

Part 8 in the series. Rough going health-wise, but not giving up.

Almonds – nutty goodness

Almonds are a wonderful source of many nutrients.

Avoid skipping meals to win the race

Skipping snacks and meals does more harm than good.

The nutritionist chronicles – Part 7

Part 7 in a series reporting on my nutritionist visits.

Thoughts on nutrition supplements

Tweet Supplementing your nutrition I’ve been asked recently by a few people what supplements I take. The answer might surprise you. In my younger days, I would try anything (minus steroids). Back then, there wasn’t much in the way of supplements. Typically there were protein powders, that really tasted awful. There were also some chewable [...]

Become a healthier you with beans

Beans are some super food that is