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It’s Not the Food, You Just Suck

The “bad” food is around. Will you eat it?

Clean Up Your Life

Learn to clean up your life, from your desk to your thoughts.

Success is a Journey

When working towards a goal, each day brings us closer to our success.

A lesson from Jay Leno

How can we apply Jay Leno’s speeding ticket into our life?

A new service dog for Eva

2 year old Eva needs a new service dog. Read about it here.

The great magazine subscription debacle

In the world of magazines, there are some nuggets of wisdom, but for the most part you’re looking at ads, and sucking up to advertisers.

Are you ready for a bucket list

Just like the movie “The Bucket List”, do you have a list of fitness goals to achieve?

If you don’t have a mentor now, you’ll hate yourself later

We all need guidance in our lives. A mentor can provide years of experience to show us a better way.

Who else wants a feeling of accomplishment?

You might be grown up, but you need to get out and play. It’s great motivation.

What you should know about priorities

Getting things done can start as easily as making a list. Put things in order, and start whittling it down.