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Fitness Funnies [Video]

Some awesome fitness related videos, from gym ads to equipment infomercials.

Top 5 Fat Loss Myths

There’s a lot of misinformation out there. Do you know the 5 myths about fat loss?

Get Rid of Self Destruction Once and For All

We’ve all sabotaged ourselves. How have you set yourself up for failure?

Gym Pirates Off The Starboard Side

A tale of intrigue about one man’s losing battle with the gym pirates.

Budget Minded Fitness

In this economy, we have to be budget minded. That even means in the gym.

Creating A Wide Range of Fitness

Aside from normal training, it’s good to change things up, and keep them fresh.

Sleep Your Way To Weight Loss

Sleep is crucial to your health. A study now backs this up.

Fitness Lessons From a Cat

Tweet Be a fit cat, not a fat cat! Our daughters each have a cat. Neither of them are right in the head–the cats, not the kids. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever had a pet that was “normal”. I just realized–maybe it’s me. I digress. I’ve never really been a cat person. Oddly [...]

3 Minute Crush

Toni’s newly released workout DVD, 3 Minute Crush is now available.

Beginners Guide for Your First Figure Competition

Preparing for any competition takes planning. Learn what it takes to compete in your first figure competition.